Morning Met and morning to all
Met I just wanted to share something with everyone and hopefully it’ll help someone. Now a days I see so many young ladies who can do better go tek up crosses bad man and deh wid dem for hype and fame but they don’t know the aftermath of what they will be left with..Met when I was just 18 years old and was in Jamaica I took it upon myself to date one of those guys the bad man by night and hype boy by day type he was older than me at the time he was 27 but I didn’t care at first when he approached me I turned him down but because of bad company and crosses friends them tell me how me fool and mi fi deh wid him because him have money and no boy naw guh rush me and all that. Funny enough when I was being abused by this man verbally and mentally the same friends were not around and were the same ones calling me a fool..


So met I ended up dating him after time went by It was a heartache I swear some days he was the sweetest and other days he was an animal. He had plenty other women while we were together but in my head I kept saying Idc because I’m his main he loves me so dem no matter but met deep down I was hurt. We would go to parties together and people would look at me like a fool, girls laughed at me because they knew what he was doing with other women and I played dumb. Met one day we even had a three some. I didn’t want it but it made him happy so I decided to do it..long story short met it was the worse mistake of my life I was scared while at his home wondering if anybody who he did bad things to would come retaliate and take my life I constantly looked over my shoulders
. In front of people we seemed happy but behind closed doors I was sad…smh I’m saying all this to say that young ladies please be wise don’t take foolish advice and don’t let these type of men into your lives save yourself the heartache. One day I got the courage to leave and I did just that now I’m happy and content while he’s locked up and so is his girl because she was in the midst of his bad man ways so the law caught her too, it could’ve been me but I was spared. It’s not worth it Suh Unu please listen to me

7 thoughts on “YOUNG GIRLS LISTEN UP

  1. Good advice! Sorry for your experience but I am glad you got out and got smart! Take head ladies… Young and old

  2. Good advice yes… Sometimes as woman we think that it can’t happen to me, we think we too smart to take advice, but we must understand that there’s wise people whose been through it or no someone whose been through it or is just wise beyond their years… This young lady been through it and she wise up after a while and got fed up and moved on, God showed her the way, I hope that the sender story helps someone in many ways to get out before it is too late… I’m glad that you got out sender before it was too late, being with those types of men and elements just gets you hurt or behind bars… This is your testimony and thank you for sharing… God is good all the time, give him all the glory and praise…

  3. Yes very good advice. Sometime we don’t have to go through the circumstance ourselves but we can learn from others. Thank God you had the courage to get out and never again doubt your first instincts.

  4. Too late, I’ve been there. No threesomes or things like that but I feel as if I am scarred for life. It’s just not something no woman should put themselves in so I encourage all ladies to stay away from drugs men, bad men etc. Baby momma drama and the hate that comes with it, the violence, people looking down on you, disappointing your parents that raised you well and most importantly letting yourself down. Even typing this brings back bad memories and I get teared up. I too was encouraged by a male friend to talk to him, I too was 18 years old, he was 28… but I didn’t get serious until about 20 yrs old. All that time I knew I was doing something wrong and could’ve walked away but didn’t. I also thought that I was the main girl so no other girl count.
    I am a very different person now but still can’t believe I put myself through that. Girls please avoid the same mistake.

  5. Sender bless you fi sending this in. I’m glad you find the courage fi leff before things did turn even worse. Hopefully someone reading will take heed.

    We woman love convince ourselves that we will be “the one” who will make a difference. We foolishly believe that somehow we will be the one to change him or we can handle it..smh. A man once tell mi seh a woman can fake an orgasm but a man can fake a whole relationship. An is suh him bunks it fi real wid di bag ah woman. Why you want ah man who have ah bag ah woman? Ongle God know whey him ah bring home to you. I know loneliness can hurt, but is that really all you feel you worth??! No sista girl you are worth much, much more. You can’t see when the man done you out an you is of no more use, him juss move on to smaddy else?

    Ladies, careful who you call your “friend”. No good person who have your best interest at heart woulda tell you, are ask you fi do anything that degrade you and leave you sad inside. If some ah unnu woulda honest wid yourself, you know that deep down in places you don’t like to think or talk about, your sad, lonely, confuse, and angry. You juss try an drown it by living “louder”. You can bleach out an put awn as much makeup as you want but it still shows clear as day.

    Think wise an sober. Stop letting your pursuit of hype, fame, an likkle money carry you down a path you cannot come back from and will regret fi the rest of your life. If you come out with your life. Nuff don’t and they too never thought it woulda happen to them. In God’s name, PLEASE think about what your doing.

  6. Thank you. Well after all that happened to me, I think I need to reach deep down and forgive myself for being in that situation and do whatever it takes to clear my soul of my past.

  7. Dawta yuh lucky yuh wake up.a nuff a I & I inna wi
    culture a carry an intro nassiness to our females,
    when dem inna dem things yuh noh fi trust dem. Yuh noh si di brand name big man a St Mary weh inna him
    big house an a deh wid him 12 yr old grand-daughter
    & when it bust out after she reach yah a farrin after
    dem tape him a phone sex har some ppl a chat bout him
    mad.Some man want fi bed every woman even dem own family & pickney at that him wuss than dog..Hope di
    police dem get him

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