Last year November 3, I was beaten by 3 members of the JCF to hand over my car keys on Aldington Ave off Hagley Park Road. I was accosted by those officers and brought to the Cross Roads Police Station where I stayed for 1 hour and then I was transported by different police officers to Admiral Town where the was cuffed to a bench then released November 4 at 6:15 p.m. I sort medical attention on my own from the late Dr. Ford. When I went back to the spot where I had parked the car, it was not there and I don’t know where my money $90,000 jmd is because the car was neve searched before me. I have since reported the matter to the Inspector of Professional Standard Oversight Bureau and INDECOM as at November 11, 2020. I have made a report to the gleaner to a reporter who goes by the name of Simone Morgan Lindo, I have provided her with copies of statements given to IPROB, medical cert, receipts to show complaint were logged and car papers. I still don’t know where the car is.

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