1. You got with her because of your own lust. You had no problems with her being bi because you would benefit from it. She showed you who she was from the start, but your deviant desires accepted it because you could boast and walk like rooster pon di block how you a do 3sums and shit. Now you cannot take it when she is unfolding her full self before you.

    Face facts that this is not about her, it’s all about you! It is you who need to have standards and if you are truly a heterosexual man then you will not want your woman to be seeing other women too. The two a unno eating pums, how can that be? If you don’t want to deal with anything like that again then stick with a 100% heterosexual woman!

    1. I disagree, it is totally different from being bisexual because I am bisexual, he accepted the bisexual part because that was who she is, her changing should come with a conversation and them deciding if they should continue the relationship. It’s the same of you are with a guy and he changes completely from the person you fell in love with, you would react the same. Being non binary is totally different hun, take it from me

  2. senda it seem like dem figure out who dem really wah be & either yo accept or yo move n gweh uzt .. caz u nu knw if dis a one phase ina r life or supm weh dem really feel fi true … but make them find them way n nu badda obstruct if yo feel seh yo nu like it

  3. Lol mi na tell no lie mi couldn’t manage that, imagine you have you woman and you and her no sex long time and she come with blue bracelet bout she a man today not a rass.

  4. A bare madness a gwaan from wah day. Can’t put your child gender on a birth paper etc. All sort of gender neutral fuckery.

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