YUH A DREAM BIG SIR……….!!???!!

Wayne Anthony
Just met with Vybes Kartel’s wife Short Boss, we are discussing the possibility of him getting temporary release from prison so that the World Boss can appear on MISS RED HILLS 2015. We will visit him in prison on Wednesday.

0 thoughts on “YUH A DREAM BIG SIR……….!!???!!

  1. Delusion is a hell of a drug. Met, yuh know mi always seh Lizard family fi sue im inna Civil court fi wrongful death. If dem win and is granted a huge sum if money, the government should allow him fi record, and maybe release him twice a year fi perform and wah eva money him mek go straight to Lizard family. Weh yuh tink?

  2. Man get prison time fi murder,dem fi mek him duh road fi an event and then return back to cell.What special release this name?

  3. All I know is that dem moral compass is broken. Shawty a tek dis shortBOSS ting 2 far. I went on her FB page and she actually provided the link for the bleaching pill dem. smdh. Shawty u cannot be any kinda boss when u neva av Kartel fi yuh self and him av outside kids. The man not even did wife u. And at the end of it all he is a CONVICTED murderer. It annoys me when dancehall ppl call up God name bc God nuh inna dancehall. Always a talk bout she blessed. Do u know what blessed means. You will see in time when Kartel sin fall pon yuh son dem. In all of this people do not forget lives were taken away from family. It could happen 2 anyone of us.Stop support the foolishness.

  4. The most important question about this whole post that no one is asking is….Why r the groceries not in a bag…ijs

  5. lets be realistic a murder shouldn’t be give any sort of freedom until he/she has completed his/her sentences,why most persons prentend as if he is innocent?lives were taken because of kartel’s wrong doing therefore he should be punish no one is perfect but things as gotten too far…Shawty or who ever you are you’re beyond pathetic acting as if kartel is a saint you know exactly what took place it’s best if you just STFU every moment you say something I just want to punch you in the face for being so illiterate kartel should’ve taught you basic stuf i’m twenty even I can do a better job…please just stay in your shell ..bye bye…y’all.

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