Having a little fun I see… the comment funny though because I think it’s Nicole keeping him afloat, plus the image she put out there like she full up a cash maybe that’s why he married her, for security.


  1. Actually Sasco makes some good money. With features on Kanye West album and Kendrick Lamar album as well as others. Guess true the man nuh inna the hype and show off people ago say whatever but he is doing much better than nuff a dem artist yah..

    1. Yes but they spend it as soon as they get it, house bills. cars, clothes, restaurants, vacations you name it. They are in the hype trying to keep up with their rich friends.

    2. Yuh right, Anonymous- I don’t think he does as badly as people may think, just cause him seem to be a low key person. But if yuh expenditure greater than yuh income and yuh spouse focused on keeping up with the Joneses who in a much higher income bracket, yuh will find yuhself in problems.

  2. I see them on my Instagram feed all the time and thought they were a cute family. I had no idea about all the other situations.

  3. Why the people have to be broke? Nicole Campbell is an Andover and Princeton graduate. Im sure she wouldnt be in Jamaica working if it wasn’t lucrative. She is clearly a smart girl. Y’all stay hating.

  4. I’m not here to judge !

    I feel like people are purposely sending stuff in about
    Sasco and Nicole and it no right shit just sound made up
    One bunch of lies yes Nicole too damn hype and nuff
    But let’s be serious it’s obvious the man love her
    Leave d ppl dem relationship alone mek dem stay
    How unu know she trying to keep up with people?
    They drive a Audi almost everybody a Jamaica have that
    They can afford a nice home kudos to them !
    Nicole doing her thing and Sasco is a great artiste !
    Just give credit where it’s due and stop stir up nonsense
    With the people dem relationship them na trouble
    Nobody so leave dem alone ah just di truth like I feel
    The stories ppl sending in about them are very pointless
    Instigating shit for no reason .. badmind grudgeful
    True because the people dem seem happy even if they not
    It’s not our job to find out let them be!

    1. Oh my a who trouble yuh? Yuh nuh know how internet trolling work? People life goodly a fall a part but them naw stop post shit trust me. These are the monsters technology has created but I dont care.. Its nothing to get sand in your vagina about. Live your life! Happy New Year!

      1. Anonymous 3:11 it seems you’re the troubled one
        Not only dat u troubled you’re worrried tooo like why are u getting sand in your vagina over my post though? You sound butt hurt you’re a damn hater social media or not leave the people them alone no ones relationship is perfect u think people gonna walk around and post all the bad things going on in their life ??? Who does that NOBODY!!! Unu no like see nobody genuinely happy I don’t get some of you ppl at all.

        1. Really? Butthurt? Girl mi wish yuh Happy New Year. Girl, mi just sleep and wake, clearly not losing sleep over what people post on here, I know nothing about Nicole and Her husband, I just recently heard about all this. Now clearly you do have sand in your vagina because my tone was so mello. Again, all the best fi the new year mi dear

  5. Yeah man unu a do nic and sassin bad over ya… I mean yea nicole is f**king nuff, hippy and annoying I agree but overall I think the family is pretty decent and assassin seems very low key and cool.

  6. Y’all need to leave them alone. Nicole graduated Princeton. Her older sister is a Top doctor just got an American award for her research in pediatics. AIM has students that got top scholarships to pinceton, Standford amoung other top universities. Go on the institution page n look
    It up. Her Mother is a longstanding professor at UWI. Her kids are smart. She is a motivational speaker and inspire many young aspiring professionals. Give credit where due n leave the people dem. Stick to bashing Apple, robbas n those non progressive elements. Not, ppl weh a use them intellect to contribute positively to the Jamaican Society. I admire Nicole bcuz of how patriotic she is and her passion on educating the youths. She is in fact annoying n need to keep her marriage off social media. She however doesn’t deserve pinkwall’s judgements and assumptions.

    1. Apple man not out here doing orgies on his boat like Rachel’s husband. That’s why dem always so busy, they have to pretend they have so many things to do they can’t worry about their husbands. It’s because the husbands are out here doing what they please.

      See Rachel and Nicole no stop post up pon the boat but if dem only know how much sex her husband sex other girl pon it she wouldn’t go near that bed unless everything wash wid bleach.

  7. Must be a hurt groupie/flight attendant ooops I meant groupie send did in. 99.9% of flight attendants get f**k and duck, off a most a these artistes hush yahhh they just wanted buddy passes ooops I mean free rides…ooops I meant complimentary rides…he no pun intended. But, tek u f@&$k a d suck s d gwaaan. The couple seems happy and in love…and if they’re not well a fi den business.

  8. Is must assassin first baby mother,groupie a send in this crap… Get over it lol or him first bm fren or family a send dis in

    1. A me send it in and me a nuh flight attendant nor Nicole matey. KMT If dem never did a push up dem self so pon social media none of this would ever happen. Nicole must tired fi taste other gal nookie pon Sasco’s little “Sasco”.

      Dem life dutty more than certain people you sound extremely angry but you can’t do anything about it. Go drink some tea or take a cold shower and blow off some steam.

      1. Lol why should I be angry ? I have no close relations with Assassin or Nicole. But, clearly the woman a hot up somebody head….and we split justice over here. You’re a matey or a fren of sasco matey or his bm fren or family. Guh belch off badmind fi 2017, maybe u would live a better life. Plus u married Nicole u free to put up I hubby and be affectionate with him.

        1. Girl nobody care about Nicole and Sasco relationship, people just a call them out for acting high and mighty like dem better than the average person. WHen you have skeletons in your closet like that you try to be humble because disgrace a serious thing.

          Me a wonder how no screenshot of DMs no post up yet MET might get some but dem lucky say she have a conscience and a go easy pon dem.

    2. It’s obvious the first babymother a mad you. Leave her out of this it’s because she don’t want Sasco mek Nicole have him right now.

  9. Don’t mix Theresa in this, Bitch ass kk. She business with F$&k out Nicole and Assassin? She get the best a Jeffery when he was a nobody. Girl is unbothered, her daughter is a replica of her. Poise and elegant, top teacher in Jamaica.

  10. The America Airlines nuh pay do flight attendants money ? The shante girl teeth waan fix. Big airlines like that and her teeth look like mountain. Nicole teeth look well. No mi nuh know Nicole or Assassin. But the lady is clearly articulate, educated and smart. Try He flight attendant is just a maid/,
    Prostitute in the air.

  11. Kay I agree with you. Nicole is very smart, ambitious and patriotic but she need to keep her personal life off social media. Left DAT up to Apple and the other DH gutter rat dem. Nicole if you reading this leave your personal life off a social media.

  12. @curious..hate u
    Who? , stop talk shit , while i know nicole is a bright girl etc you fool fool gal curious … ppl struggle in their business everyday and i know you are one of the uptown whore , you sound like d side bitch wah a fukk one a d matalon cause a soh u talk


    1. Lol head a head all your man might have his head under somebody else. Lol that would not move me….no mu never say that but everybody get bun, and who want pretend or not like den naaah get bun DAT a fi den business. To me it’s straight badmind simple.


  15. @Kay wah u a dou over yah, u sound like sum bady wah fi dah a Dubai a sell front or dah pon d hills wid sum ole rich man how u reach over here cause me noh understand y u wah si mix up bout sum ppl , but others are off limit for you

  16. So because one is ambitious and smart ppl shouldn’t talk about the amount of bun them getting and be on social media pretending that’s is exactly what you are trying to say right? Poor little tink, tink you be educated, ambitious or scammer you will get talk about over here it simple utp ppl life more dirty than the road downtown.

  17. Dis need WHOLEEEEEEEEEEE heap a people noh sor………..someone seh likkle sassco den kk dash up shot smaddy else run in and seh oh no…help help hayyyyyyyyyyylp

  18. @KK..worry bout ur man mi DEAR me need help soh mi noh worried cause a head fi head more time mi puzzy sore soh who wah gi head fi dem business meck sure u nah get noh shit up hood inna ur holes ok

  19. Nuff a uno fake like d weave pon uno head an d eye lash wah out fi blind uno a over yah uno learn nuff tings , over yah meck uno stalk uno main man and side man IG a dem phone nuff a uno chat all unoo momma , but uno tink sum ppl fi off limit pon d chatting , listen from uno dem pon social media uno fi expect anything sum a uno noh like fi si wen uno fake life get expose , so ppl noh fi chat uno so call uptown friend dats y uno noh sah shit wen d uptown man dem fuk aff d likle gal dem , but wah police fi kill d local one dem wen dem dweet nuff a uno so call uptown ole whore is nothing but a set a hypocrite apple deserve fi get bash cause she is a no bady, shi noh goh a universty or good school , but cause uno friends bright dem aff limit but watch uno to wid uno fake life uno full a shit like crab

  20. @kk, trust me u is nothing but a closet whore u use to fuk him or something but luk pon u wah a big up ppl wah wouldnt even entertian u inna dem dog house , sum a unoo fool like , how d hell uno gossip bout spice, macka , beenie an d rest but sum ppl is aff limit cause dem bright and dem family look nice , kmt bitch bye goh back inna 2016 cause u noh ready u an @kay need fi leave pinkwall alone cause wi noh care bout wah uno tink nuff a uno tink dem gal dah noh chat ppl uno dam fool , if uno ever hear dem wen dem link up shit ! A u one a ediat dem chat every bady who dem feel like dem just chat proper english meck me tell u diss a further up inna d year mi si KEVIA rite a big dutty post a cuss Nicole soh uno stay dah tink a d fuss ppl a chat . Nuff time mi si ppl a badh nicole pon her IG all she dou a block dem or delete it

    1. A so dem stay because dem uptown dem name nuffi call. DI amount a TEA weh spill over here bout them show that dem life nuh better than nobody else own. Ole set a hypocrites dem.

    2. Dear don’t pass your place. You don’t know me or my family background to pass those remarks. So chill. Or the contacts or persons in my circle. Chill

      And for your fyi there is something called old money and new money.

      1. Go find u matey and go put her name inna ice fi she “chill” and leave your man alone. That you need fi do bout chill. You a Nicole and Sasco buddy protector or wah? Come offa di site if your heart caan manage.

      1. How much CXC you have? All wid your big degree Sasco still a stray. Greg still a stray. The next big grey tone man still a stray. The time lean clean a post fitness she fi a invest inna some anti aging cream cuz she look 55 years old. Nicole look 49. No wonder a bere under 25 year old dem man run down fi fuxk.

        1. Lol well I care zero wah u waan sey bout Nicole et al. All I am saying is never underestimate the caliber persons that Met has here commenting.
          Met has uptown, downtown, roundtown kind of people. But give credit where it due Nicole is a darn good woman,bright too. It nuh easy fi stay up and study a night time. Instead she could a scam credit card etc…

  21. Nicole and Assassin are not really classified as uptown, Nicole is accepted or will be accepted or classified as uptown because of her family ties and educational background. Not Sasco
    If u waani break it down for you dear. No matter how u poor once you have certain educational background then you will be accepted by the old money of uptwon. So you sounf like a nincompoop to think or assume that I have no aquaintance with most of these people. Which is of little importance to me because I choose not to be around certain people by CHOICE.

  22. Unuh wicked eeh Jesus me go over yolice and Rachel man IG page and dem lock it up wid block as cement private

  23. Anonymous 9:35 i said the same thing. Most of these women with artist as husband/ boyfriend they are groupies themselves … they are groupies that got chosen

    1. Yes, and the uptown girl dem a di biggest groupies of all. They have the money to follow the artiste everywhere at every show, all overseas. Money to buy them stuff and impress them, introduce them to the uptown crowd. Dem caan trick we dem dutty like.

  24. This site is very interesting and it seem like if you write a book about the music and culture in Jamaica it will be a great movie. I have been reading this site for years , by default and have learned so much about people and your music that is spread worldwide. You Jamaicans have set both a good and bad example to many other people in the Caribbean diaspora and the world. One thing I know about the owner of this site is that he or she has first hand knowledge of the way the society operate and more people reference this site than one may think. Although any individual may want to classify pinkwall as a gossip site, at time there are references that is inspirational, documentaries, herbs for healing,and a host of interesting material that one may find positive.

    1. I so agree. The tea on this site is pretty reliable and I enjoy reading new tea.
      Does anyone have any Rumblood tea?

  25. When he was living in red square, when him jus buss sasco used to deh wid nuff likkle girls bout the place, if him like dem dem get an addidas slippas wen him come off tour, him he didn’t they got nothing. Lol. Glad him sekkle dung now.

  26. @KK and KAY , uno noh kn sah over yah is a GOSSIP WEBSITE soh wah uno 2 high class call girls a dOu over yah if uno noh cuM Fi catch suss bout ppl , uno is et hypocrital bitches uno disgusting like a whining baby a cah teck sum a uno cause uno kn wah d site is about yet b4 uno goh sell sum puzzy uno over yah a behave like uno better dan who a gi dem opinion bout d topic at hand uno full a shit like pit toliet tap gwan like uno better dan a soul over yah unless uno over yah fi si if no story post bout one a uno john uno pimp need fi.put tighter leach pon uno back side cause uno a waste time and time is money

    1. Well you over here to and you a waste time a ansa we, so that makes you a bigger time waster. Go read the Jamaican Constitution….we have a right to freedom of speech and expression. Mi know my rights.

  27. Dem lock up dem page cause dem know a noh lie ppl a tell , she need fi lock up her husba d an meck him tap cum inna ppl DM , lock up d money wah him have a offer woman trip an all dose things, lock up him tongue and him dick the IG page is not the problem a him addiction ppl timk a joke bout wah dese man a dou an d way dese so call internet wives a behave someone agoh post something one of these dayz just wait

  28. A some bady dem dou something either the woman them or the men , meck these things just a rise up soh lawd uno meck dem wife dem agoh watch d man dem noh haha lawd mi god

  29. A bet nicole and her friends defending this post
    U and your friend favour muscle micey
    Stop pretending just calm down and hustle
    And go back to being the Melhados house pet

  30. Listen mi wah write bout Sasco dem but mi covers ago blow shit. Ran clean since you over here reading Greg and one of his side piece was at wet Sundays last night Inna do blue and white shirt and piece a yard slippers and shorts.
    Nicole is very insecure why because unnu member when she got dragged for commenting on the photo of Assassin with Serena bout carefu . She knows why she made that comment.

    I know Nicole not paying full price up that school for her kids and yes Assassin will never be accepted by uptown. Nicole you know why you put up Nicola photo and wrote the long epistle secure Yuh money train yah goodie !!!!read on and Rachel one a Yuh matey lives in Harbour view, she got a SUV last year fi her good deeds lol. Yuh husband white SUV park regular a do gate

    1. But that girl determined enuh. Kudos to her for getting a SUV, cause Greg is not an easy man fi deal with. When he is drunk he is uncaring and unfeeling. Curse you the f**k out. He will put you up in apartments but you have to be a complete freak and love orgies and threesomes like him. If he rents somewhere for you he will show up anytime of the day or night with any amount of girls he wants you and him to have sex with. Anytime he calls you have to be ready to see him. With hi it’s all about getting more and more girls to have sex with. All day everyday. I couldn’t live like that.

    2. @Anon 11:34pm Send in the tea with the tea bag and Met will strain in off for you. Met knows very well how to summarize the tea. Please and thanks.

  31. Anonymous I’d go back n fort n argue with u. But, I’ll refrain fr doing so. U don’t kno me n I don’t kno u. N base on ur response it depicts ur personality, and it would be extremely pointless for me to address u n ur ignorance. I mentioned apple n the others based on their lifestyle. Arguing, scamming, flossing. They basically subject themselves to ridicule. Nicole on the other hand is not a nuisance to society. She is helping to build it. She is not going around prancing n boasting about what she has. Most of her post involves motivating or educating our children. She has a lucrative business that is aimed at educating our nation youths. Often times they will return home and contribute to our country. People tearing her down will some how affect what she is trying to do. The kids she goes to many schools to speak with. How will they look at her, knowing all that is said about her? Call it double standard if u must. But am sorry I’m a patriotic Jamaican n I support anybody that highlights my country positively. Not those who goes around n scam n give us bad name. Maybe these people will get tired of the bashing n do something with their lives. It’s called ‘positive reinforcement’. It actually works at times. That’s all I’m trying to say. Ps: I’m not uptown, I’m a simple Courtry Girl who Migrated to make sumthing of myself in hopes of retuning home. N who doesn’t come on pinkwall? It’s entertainment honey.

    1. Kay they don’t understand…they would have to be on a certain mental level to comprehend what you are saying. I don’t know Nicole either but she is contributing positively to our society by being an upstanding citizen of Jamaica … Regardless of her past as one stated earlier. She is not the average Joe, she is an over achiever, one who motivates, inspires and strives for excellence. Give what’s due unto Caesar what’s due unto him.

      1. Nicole and company goodnight! A word of advice, “the more you talk about shit, the worse it gets”. Di people dem a threaten fi send in oral picture and unnu still nah stop provoke dem. Wait little bit man. Soon get wah unnu deserve.

        We well and comprehend what you are both trying to convey, no need to preach honey. See, its the same hoity toity attitude and behaviour that mek unnu reach on the wall in the first place. Unnu nah calm?
        OK THEN.

  32. Kay ummm are you one of her past students that got a scholarship through Nicole’s course ? I wouldn’t be surprised. However, I concur Nicole is far from being a nuisance to society, her record in relation to the edification of the youths minds is excellent. We should give her credit for investing the minds of our youths, especially where our present literacy rate is in the Caribbean in comparison to the other islands. We should give this lady props as females a d not tear her down. Yes this is indeed a gossip site, but we must exercise our due diligence in speaking the truth. I am a martyr for education, since my ancestors had to fight for the privilege to have access to education. Nicole keep up the great work while giving back to our society.

  33. A nuh tea dis a parrij it thick oo..no sir…someone dus seh greg will show up wid x amount a ooman??? Den people really agree to dem tings?

    1. imagine ur sleeping and feel someone on the bed beside you when u look it’s Greg and some bitches no sah him too much

  34. KK I would talk to u all day. U understand my perspective on the topic. Ur articulation is excellent n we have a mutual understanding.
    I didn’t attend AIM. I was educated in Ja. I’m however drawn to her because of her passion. I don’t normally follow Instagram popular people. I however followed her bcuz I admire her work. Reading is fundamental. Therefore, I read her post n also those of her institution. So, I’m kind of knowledgeable. Her mom is also my past professor. I’ve never ever commented on anything on pinkwall. But, I had to on this post. Due to the fact what they r saying can negatively affect her image. N this image is what is used to market herself n present to our children. Our children need role models She is an high achiever and her contribution is of the essence. I don’t care about what she or her husband or their associates does with their personal life. It’s all about building brand Jamaica.

    1. Girl, stop lie, you didnt come UWI. How?? How?? UWI a give out degree just suh? well I suppose, you cant even construct proper sentences, stop tell lie!

  35. Well at least Cham tell O to deactivate her IG after the woman bust it out that O was sending nudes or semi-nudes to her man! Btw saw her and her friends in DR last year and she looks good.

  36. Met that girl will do anything the mate that got the jeep, member she had made the way some years ago for threesome argument with facts, when she did a talk with the Nicky girl Weh par wid bobbiesha and get bust fi carry up coke!!! She will sell her soul so she can deal with Greg and him nastiness,

  37. Yow Kay and KK, whoever you guys are are really some stupid people… How and why in the midst of gossip you expect or better yet want people to acknowledge nicole’s brightness? Uno nuh understand how gossip work? This is the problem with many of you “educated” people lack common sense like, uno just guh school fi guh absorb the information to write it back. Like… yall need to grow some sense, the topic is about bun giving if you want to go and hear about Nicole’s achievements, go read the Observer or something. THINK IS PINKWALL. And don’t you dare say I sound bitter, Im not Im just annoyed with how you guys allow educated people to look…

  38. exactly
    Tired a Nicole n her muppets dem now man. Is she n lean clean tough machine the two mighty mouse nobody else but them. This is gossip y u wanna hear about education in tea. Lol

  39. Sighhhhh……..I get annoyed by Nicole’s post like anyone else. BUT lets be fair and honest guys, shes just over hyper to me and in fact i dont really see anything wrong with that. If we are going to bash Sasco, Greg and Dave for going outside of their marriages then do so with full force, but i think we are bullying Nicole and i feel bad for her. She isnt scamming or doing illegal activities to front on the gram. MET I think there should be a limit on how far you allow us to drag another undeserving person down. i.e (if it can affect their job) She makes legit money off being a role model and getting our youths scholarship in some of the top insituations around the glob. Me linky uhnuh guh easy pon har deh duh..

  40. Btw Nicole, i think that low cut hairstyle makes you look way way older than 32 the bleach itself adds an additional 10 years. Leave that for when your 40 or 50 n trying to look sassy. Wear hearstyle that covers your ears.

  41. So because she have degree an Princeton graduate, dat mean seh she decent?! Dat mean she perfect? Well she shoulda marry a top surgeon if u ask me. We over here at pink wall chat and discuss anybody! Uptown, downtown, all roun town

  42. Where does talking bad about people get you? You haters out there eating mackerel and chicken back and wishing you could have their lives. No one is perfect so shut your damn mouths and pick up a dictionary. Instead of minding the business of the rich go get money of your own because scammer man can’t take care of you for the rest of your lives.

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