1. Can somebody ask Tiesha fi clarify ifis the charm that handsome or is the man?Innocent question I swear becuz we can all appreciate Dancehall ppl have them own Dialect,spelling,grammar n meanings.

  2. So if everything Teisha post up on her page gonna affect yuh sender, why don’t you save the time and pain and just get off the girl page?, I mean are you gonna screen shot everything Teisha post up and send it over here? Next thing yuh know she’s on the wall all day everyday. A so Teisha important? Even a birthday wish yuh send in to jmg? SENDER SEDER SENDER SENDER SENDER SEDNER

  3. Well to my understanding the icon under your name is for friends only, so the bitch is right on your page and woke up and screenshot it the first for the morning. You know Jamaicans love tek set on people, especially if them don’t like yuh. Cause I’ll rather send in a better topic that needs attention than this girl wishing her man happy birthday. Sender you have a mate? Yuh better not!! Cause you fi have your husband and a happy home

  4. Dear sweet baby Jesus, which part of this Ugly looking gremlins mofo Handsome? The only thing about him is, He has two females living Sister wives lives. Lady? Go sit your low self esteem behind down somewhere. This UGLY looking Jackass.

  5. If him handsome mi drop dead gorgeous weh d f unnu tek this looks thing fah. No, mi ago stop work n tek up dancehall bizniz bcuz u do as u plz and still be winning or shud that be wining hhhmmm.

  6. This should be NC where you can sue a bitch for having relations with your man. A nuff a dem bitch ya would go to jail n get dip! F**k outta here!! Ask singer Fantasia

    1. So are you in NC now and all up in people’s lives in NYC? or are you in NYC with yuh man, if yes then why don’t you hurry up and run to NC. Just asking. Protect yuh man lol

  7. smaddy fass fi real, but is itt her husband re the growing old beside him young gal don’t hold u breath at times we open our mouth and cursed our relationships not even wife a grow old beside husband, yes he has nice body all decked out hold sexy but not handsome u open uself to be ridiculed

    1. Hi hello good afternoon Metsy mi deh ya no gone no way sameway but beg pardon Anon
      It’s a unwritten law so I will let it pass just this one time but u cannot use the word sexy to compliment no man that is 5feet tall n under u can say he’s cute u can say compact even neat but not the word sexy OK anyway Mappie looks like a leprechaun n Teisha swear blind he’s gonna lead her to a pot of gold but Donna dung deh wid Mr big bumper hall a wait pon u Teisha no GO!!

  8. Anonymous 11:01 (AKA DUTTY SHAPE BAD TRACEY) When Teisha mate ready to come off her page she will! Sorry to inform you it didn’t come off her Facebook page this was screen shotted from her Instagram page. Worry about you mate on your page. Mind your business Tracey and go Doctor go find out why you passing out in ppl party mashing it up with you no neck self…..

  9. I wonder who getting the birthday night… A. Donna B Teisha C. Steph…. which ever one of you please post the pics so we can send on the wall and laugh and talk about you guys… Dam fools. Never see a set a gyal happy and comfortable to be sleeping with the same BOY(yes I said BOY) as one have baby the other one pregnant… sick stomach.

  10. Mi wonda if misses champagne was with mappie to make her want to post such an extra birthday wish teisha come like she want to out due di wife first to say happy birthday.you can tell she want to force donna out her long time relationship. Donna betta you leave with pride cuz teisha ago get left for a mon in the near future only a gay mon who is screaming to come out treats women this way. Neither one can satify him no women can never statify him cuz a cocky he want mi remember mappy in bellbottoms and chockers mi tink he was suspect then and still is.mi bet him never ask for anal fi him birthday cuz a long time you two a swap spit abaybayy

  11. Kay Ann aka Kandibabes how did you and yuh man mappie champagne spend him birthday. Oh you wasn’t there. hide and take what you can get yah we see yuh a warm bench you soon get a play.

  12. Kay Ann aka Kandibabes how was your was your man mappie champagne birthday. Ohhhhh girl take what you can keep warming the bench you soon get a play or not we see u

  13. You can put lipstick on a pig its still a pig if mappie ugly one more time a roast hog to backside what a set of strong and desperate people my goodness.

  14. Dah man yah nuh handsome a rahtid! Beta dem 2 idiot gyal just move in and dem an d ugly man tun 1 big happy family. Man must short to baxcide.

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