Rihanna isn’t staying quiet over recent comments Wendy Williams made about her on her talk.
While discussing Chris Brown and Drake’s recent sighting in the studio together, the Talk Show host turned the table on Rihanna, labeling her a hit it and quit it chick.
“I don’t think anybody but Chris has been serious about Rihanna,” says Wendy, adding, “Rihanna is like, you hit the skins and scram.”
Insisting that Rihanna puts it out there, Wendy adds that “Rihanna is not girlfriend material,” before going for the low blow with, “She’s hot, she’s sexy, you do her, then you take your penicillin.”
Ouch! As you may know, penicillin is for treating STDs.
Rihanna’s reply wasn’t like her usual attacks, but it served its purpose. The music superstar uploaded a fan video on Twitter that voices, “B*tch, why you mad? Cause my P***y pops severely and yours don’t.”


      1. Wendy ah 9 months older dan Methuselah, suh she need fi know harself. Har husband musi ah call Rihanna name inna him sleep mek Wendy ah carry belly fi di girl. Mek Wendy gweh cah shi caan guh eena store an call fi har shoes size…ah cobbler affi build dem…..:travel

        1. U nuh si di slippas whey wendy did have on whey day a jus har big toe hold pan it? Wendy whey rich and do di surgery dem and still cant be a lady …ladyless wendy fi gwey

          1. Ole crack head wendy nah nothing fi hot har. A so yankee dem stay against island females. Dem could a smile wid yu from sunday to sunday dem nu like we a rass as lonnnnng as a man involve.
            Har purse a ol har man, meanwhile riri a live har life.STRESS FREE!

        2. Yawdy, yuh comment mek mi spit out mi drink dwmfl!!___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

        1. only right…If more people answa up wendy she we go mask ar man box. Unless Kevin go seek st. mary fi har mek she still de bout.
          Yow Yep!

          1. Hey sweetie pie :peluk :peluk..Wendy is a big bully. I remember years back when she had it out with rapper Method Man over some insensitive shitt she said about his wife who was suffering from and going thru Cancer treatment/chemo…for a former crack user, she sur does have a lot of balls and testosterone…

  1. On a serious note Met, Rhi needs to stop it, she is young and rich, what more could a girl ask for, if she don’t stop this carefree life style, she will end up just like Ashley Puff, what is good for the goose is just as good for the gander, I will not promote or entertain her style, because it’s not a good look for a young girl.

    1. All we see is riri doing semi-nude photos. Really? how much man we see har wid? Chris brown, drake (RUMORED) and one sports dude a while back…seriously de girl nah live no more reckless than a preachers wife.

    2. After all she nuh know yuh!! Kmt bout u nuh promote her ting…
      Back to the video. If dem Neva know ri is an island girl dem know now, that video is funny as shit. D gal haffi clap back for anything.. Wendy do u recall Ur crack head days that ur surely not shy to talk about.. Frm what I know crack heads are some of the Lowest ppl around.. Dem will f**k and suck fi any amount of dollar to get dem fix.. Wendy always proud to say she’s sober and clean.. Wendy u find a husband and clean up fi yuh ting right.. so stop chat f**kery.. U need fi go get Ur penicillin for the amount of hoes Ur husband f**k

      1. She don’t remember! If a gal outright tek wendy man and challenge har she a go run go hug up a crack pipe! that’s what she knows best. So if a hood ri know best so be it…cause up to now de girl nu pass one hand where men are concern.
        Wendy bio states otherwise.

  2. Who the fuxx is Wendy that use to suck dickSSSSSS for a eight ball FOH Wendy is just that all the ole geisers that u fuxxed to reach all die of old age y we not hearing about dem bright no bloodclaaattttt but a wha do har tho Wendy when dem find mummified sperms inna har throat heyyyyyyyy u know wat meck a gwaan whey mi ago Wendy whey pay fi woman parts kmft cho

    1. dwln….the eight ball whey have on pon de bathroom floor? lol How quick she forget her deeds.

        1. Look pan she a talk bout wife material u would think rihanna have a man everyday and she is alone 90.9% a di time dem too good

  3. 2Anony 5: 25, I can bet you and pay you, if anyone on here know Rhianna, and I am not talking about on video is it’s me, live and direct, in person, chat to her, cook for she and Chris Brown is me, me stop comment long time, because I don’t know what uno talking about, no one advocate for her or him more than me, I know him in person from July 07, and she later that same year, suh hold yuh corner, and that’s y I harldly say anything, about her from them leff, I hear some people say is she left Chris, and won’t even enlighten the public on how that went down, don’t under estimate no one, because it’s not who you think you know is who knows you. And RHIANNA AND CHRIS IS WHO I KNOW PERSONALLY, full stop, end of story, bout she nuh know me, is you she don’t know, is tv you see her on.

    1. Bam, so as not to disclose anything and self. My question is what is she really doing that adds up to her being a “Lindsey Lohan, Anna Nicole, Amy Winehouse” Public train wreck?
      She smoke har weed, She clubs, she love fashion, she take seminudes (occupational purpose) and we (John Public) see her with her “friends” and publicly 3 men.
      Is there anything deeper than this? Because me sure wendy and all media would have exposed her by now. I did ALL and more of what rihanna doing and me mature and move on and me a pauper…but me nu worst fi wear.

          1. Next time be specific…yu know yu nu have nu manners?
            Fool, if you were specific we wouldn’t be disrespecting each other.
            Any how life too short fi me stress pon yu insolence. go a yu bed and start new in the waking hours.

  4. Wendy’s husband is still cheating on her..he even video records them
    #FACTNOTFICTION…Wendy, who has to sit in a man sized chair because she can’t fit in a lady chair :hammer

      1. LOL! yuh nuh si di big ole giant size chair she haffe siddung eena..I would need a damn ladder just to climb up and sit in it….

        1. Yu likkle bad…I am 5 flat but 5’3 inna heels and pon me license cause me wear me heels fi de picture…lol
          Wendy a ole cedar tree…barky

  5. Damn she played riri bad, callin her the type a chick you hit and run wow! Well Wendy is a dude she his opinion no matter we all know gay dudes don’t like str88 females anyways

      1. Me a push out de oman and jump inna de basket! I swear dwrl may have hit a spot….lollllllllllll

          1. I hate that pipe blowing jungle monkey with a passion. She hate woman since the surgeon remove har dick. She mad because wah riri have between har legs she pay plenty for and it still naw do har no justice cause har husband still naw touch har, she go do the air balloons on har chest husband still naw look, tummy tuck husband still naw look bitch go fix you husband vision and stop worry bout riri hole. A the penicillin shot you gave your husband blindsided him let him marry you and you no see wah happen now that it’s out his system other bitches holes is his crack pipe

  6. Riri comeback was weak, I really though she woulda done har like she be doing her fans smh. I woulda set if off under har BUMBOHOLE she would a see 50 before it come with a rass stroke rude bitch. She fava the drag without the queen. Should have been a Jamaican she did so to rass

    1. Dwrl, Riri was preoccupied with that #freepalistine thing. If not me certain Wendy would a feel de heat unda har balls.

  7. A nuh lie Wendy a tell apart from Chris no man never own up Rihanna, she too loose and mek we young Caribbean woman look bad. A nuff man she go through publicly and none Neva stay. She have the Halle berry syndrome, pretty and rich wid good body but can’t keep a man. Even her response seh her pussy popping just mek she look classless and disgusting.

    1. U ah talk bout d same ri Weh man did ah war over. Wen Chris send a bottle at drake to be nice and Drake fling it.. D same ri Weh mek Chris lef his oomen twice?? Other man than dem 2 is d basketball player.. It’s been back and fourth frm drake to cb for yrs!!

    2. Rihanna nor any woman no need to have a man “OWN DEM UP” after she a nu chattel. Dancehall skets mek onu “young caribbean woman look bad”.
      Onu love add up years fi measure the strength of a relationship and self-worth. Mean while man still a do onu wrong. Halle married once and was being abuse, she got her baby from the next man and now she married and have a child…wha wrong wid that?
      Some where in Jersey a woman man a own har up and him nah go nu way BUT HIM HAVE HIV/AIDS A DISTRIBUTE to har…what say you? Each is relevant.

  8. Met wendy gwaan..The bitch caant talk bad bout a soul, she Fi go worry bout har battyman..husband we dem katch with a transvestite. …..A dat she fit put inna har hot topic…..

  9. A suh wendy luv chat f**keries bout pple wid har broad dutch pot shoulda and back..Caan stan har transvestite looking raas..Den again, har man a battyman suh she caan do nuh betta…Wendy a carry pum-pum feelings cause she neva baan wid one.

  10. Correction Halle Berry married twice before…She was married to baseball player David Justice and Rand B singer Eric Benet

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