Hi how are you?
Well by JAH Grace

What is your name and where are you from?
Livingston Este Satekla, from Ghana, West Africa

What is your stage name?
Stonebwoy Burniton

How long have you been doing Dancehall music?
Specifically for 8 years, started as a teenager

Who influenced your music?
Capleton, Sizzla, Busy Signal, Foxy Brown, Alecia Keys, Christopher Martin,Sean Paul, Bob Marley and more.

Your first experience of dancehall music when who was singing?
Shabba Ranks
What inspires your music?
I draw my inspiration from nature, and all the things I hear and see that cuts across all backgrounds.

You will be going to STING this year and it is a very special year because the show will be turning 30, how do you feel about being in such a big show?
I feel honored and it’s a blessing because that even though I am from Africa we are one family and all my musical efforts have been recognized.

What is the reception like in Africa about you attending such a huge festival?
The reception is huge especially in Ghana because my people believe in me and want me to get to higher heights.

There will be over thirty acts on the show, which Jamaican artiste/artistes are you looking forward to meeting?
Looking forward to meeting everyone relevant especially Mavado and Sizzla, all the other top acts

How do you feel your performance at the show will impact your music?
It will add up to the Stonebwoy profile and enthuse me to work harder, put Ghana and Africa on the map

Why do you feel so many Africans love Reggae?
Reggae music has its roots from Africa.
The reason is that, if you know history, Jamaicans who originated Reggae and Dancehall came all the way from Africa
What have you heard about STING and what does Africa know about it?
Sting is a platform that brings together the true art from the Dancehall,Reggae industry to sharpen and battle lyrically with each other. There the masses are allowed to choose which artiste wins the clash. This year artistes will battle for $30,000 cash.

What do you envision the future of Dancehall and Reggae to be?

Reggae and Dancehall can only get more diversified more and more with the sweet blend of musical content and lyrics.

Are you single, if so , do you think a Jamaican woman will be able to knock you off your feet?
Lol , man is an African King a Jamaican Queen will do also.

Do you have any message you want to give to the people of Jamaica?
We are one people out of many nations, united by music

Management : Burniton Music Group (BMG)



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    1. yuh nuh haffi mek it luk suh bad,the fact that him deh all the way across the pond and choose reggae worse luk tuh so many of our ppl sud show how a small Island as ours as a big effect on others….mi nah knock him ntn try ntn done mek wi see wi him av tuh offer on that nite yuh just neva know ..mi love how the African beats mix wid a likkle reggae inna it

      1. Yah talk bout badmine? Why did I kiss my teeth do u know?
        I don’t understand why they speak jamaican because because they are african and should speak that he quick to say reggae is rooted in Africa which is true so why not speak un the african root language of jamaican which is twi the akan ppl from Ghana spoke that language. I just dont see the need for him to speak jamaican so I kissed my teeth

  1. I like it, big up every African, by the way is our descendent is there we as a black people come from, so go on tru my youth u ting tun up, I really loved the beat. I be looking out for you at Sting.

  2. Having been to countless African parties/functions weh ever you want call it. I will be honest for African audience it is good. They are looking for more uplifting/dancing music. A Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall fanbase this no cut it. Plain and simple. And I don’t know why when someone says that they are not interested in a certain music it has to be badmind. Music is put out there for the public to judge. Just like when a new yogurt or ice-cream flavour comes out, or just like when you deh a you work. Even if a just cleaning you do- the boss and customers can seh I don’t like the way that scent that you used smelt. It doesn’T mean everyone naw go like it. It’s a consumer product therefore consumers are allowed to express their like or dislike towards it.

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