They have been at each other’s throat for quite some time, and now, Lady Saw and Macka Diamond are finally confirmed to clash at Sting on Boxing Day.

Heavy D, one of the Sting promoters, confirmed the clash yesterday.

“Lady Saw deh pon the show long time and Lady Saw and Macka Diamond have dem argument. Lady Saw call fi it. Saw tell mi seh she need fi finish the argument onstage ’cause Macka Diamond is talking too much,” Heavy D told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He said Macka Diamond was not confirmed for the show initially, but “I paid her and she signed for Sting with clash on her mind.”

But Macka Diamond does not exactly have the best track record where clashes are concerned, as she was a no-show at the clash that was scheduled between herself and fellow dancehall artiste Spice last year.

Despite this, Heavy D said he feels confident that Macka Diamond will clash Lady Saw at this year’s Sting to be held at Jamworld in Portmore on December 26, because he has spoken with her management and they have assured him that Macka Diamond will be there.

But, having been at odds for some time, the ‘war’ between the former friends seemed to have intensified after Macka Diamond released a new song, Nigingy Nigingy, last week, that was seemingly aimed at Lady Saw.

A Twitter spat ensued between both artistes following the song’s release.

“@mackadiamond1 If that garbage of a song is the best you can do then am so disappointed. Come to Sting US$30k up for grabs, I need it for Charity,” Lady Saw tweeted.

She continued, “Personally inviting @mackadiamond1 … to Sting for a lyrical beat down. Am a shut you up once and for all. Done talk.”

Macka Diamond also had tweeting fever and took to Twitter to reply to Lady Saw.

“War can’t stop my career, me jus dweet fi fun and show unu say a good over evil ,and me free fi deejay wah me want cause a long time unu a trouble mi,” she said.

In a follow-up tweet, she said, “No gal can’t frighten me. War, send it on. Me throw blow so ansa mek me dun you. Bagga talking caan help you. Spit tune.”

Both artistes were unavailable for a comment, as Lady Saw is currently in New York promoting Sting, while Macka Diamond’s phone went unanswered.

Fact sheet

In celebration of Sting’s 30th anniversary, The STAR, the People’s Paper, will be bringing our valued readers some Sting facts each day. Here is today’s Sting fact:

In 2012, The Boxing Ring Clash (Tag Team) took place with Ninja Man and KipRich vs Merciless and Tony Matterhorn.

In 2012 The Boxing Ring Clash (Tag Team) took place with Ninja Man and KipRich vs Merciless and Tony Matterhorn.


  1. And Lady Saw nah go need di props & theatrics & donkey whe Spice did need! Lady Saw can done her lyrically!!!

  2. a hope the link fe sting liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cuz mi deh deh pon mi pick out teeth

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others….

  3. Mek we all wait and see, because last year this same Macka weh her teeth look like it a drop outta har mouth was a no show, if Bitter, Old Spice mek she run, then a Saw she aguh face? lmao.

  4. Met… Mi kinda mad wid miself… I order Sting on pay per view only to find out that they only showing 4 hours of it.. frm 12am to 4am guess I might miss all ah the morning clashes.. kmt so mi ah depend on you to post the hype.. lol

  5. Lol poor wacka diamond a wah dis shi guh call dung pon har self…..saw already a crowd favorite plus shi nuh have di lyrics are stage presence fi manage saw…..shi goin to a funeral tinkin is a war lolll

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