Another missing child found murdered – Search for 11-y-o who vanished after leaving for church ends in horror

Doris Lysaith-Earl, adopted mother of 11-year-old Trisha Morris, is now pondering on the last kiss and the last hug that she was given by her as she left her house for church last Saturday.

“Trisha hug mi, and squeeze mi and kiss mi and seh, later grandma,” the sobbing woman said. “A mi have her from she little because har mother dead five years now, and she don’t have nobody. A just up a church she lef fi go and mi beg a church sister fi give a eye pon har, and them (perpetrator or perpetrators) come tek Trisha from mi.”

Trisha’s body was found yesterday morning in a section of the Hanover community of Woodlands known as Pond.

It is alleged that the child had multiple wounds to her body and her underwear ripped away in a manner which suggested that she may have been sexually molested.

Lysaith-Earl stated that Trisha, who attended the Watford Hill Primary School in the parish, was who you would call a young Christian, and she was fond of church.

She said that about 2:50 p.m. on Saturday was the last time she saw her.

She stated that she went to church early that morning, but that afternoon she was a bit tired, so she asked a church sister to give an eye on her.

About 8 p.m., Trisha was last seen after she accompanied the church sister to her home which is close by, and was walking back towards the church.

She was never heard from or seen again, and the traumatised woman pointed out that she immediately made checks all over the community, and then filed a missing persons report with the police.

Yesterday morning, Lysaith-Earl said that she was at home when she heard one of her sisters screaming. They gave her the heartbreaking news that Trisha’s body had been found.

The police were summoned, and the body removed to the morgue for post-mortem.

The Sandy Bay police are investigating.

7 thoughts on “11YO MURDERED

  1. Same way dem assemble police death squads to go after n kill Dons n Drug lords…why dem can’t get a task force to go after rapists n child molesters!!??I would volunteer my leadership skills to head up such a badly needed unit!Rest in power Trisha,may ur killer(s) be brought to Jungle justice!

  2. I am just grateful that this child knew love and appeared to have been loved and well cared for by Doris. I hope Doris finds the strength to bury her and to endure the lonely and sad days ahead. No little girl deserved such an ending. The child seemed to have done a good deed down to the last moments of her life, by following the other lady home and making sure she got home safely to only lose her life right after. To know that this young selfless girl died in the arms of a brute just anger and infuriate me to a degree I cannot even explain.

  3. This is sad and terrible, nobody expects it to happen to them but please parents, do not let your children walk alone, advice them to walk with at least one other child or adult, it’s less likely they’ll be attacked if they’re are not on their own. RIP baby girl.

  4. So sad on all levels mi feel it. A church she a come from tuh. Jah know mi waah…nevermind.

  5. No words can’t describe how me feel,this is situation that is happening very often in Jamaica.. then after jungle justice reach 1 a st Andrew it happen again.. this time tie this to a vehicle n drag him round the island till the only thing lef a di rope weh tie him,then I think them wi get the message

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