Nia London your done out dutty girl go look fi ya babyfather  we’ll both no longer want you or rate you u had to move outta London because your fishy p**y been around the block . Gyal go sit down and leave blacks alone


  1. Leave the gal alone, who no fuck like dirty Kim.Kim pussy no have no cover, all her sister husband she fuck.

  2. Bruk pocket blacks you can’t style nobody, you bruck and hungrey like dog. You chat every man inna dance, and think the Peckham youth them ah go save you. Even down to you own mumma hate you.

    Go tek several seats you dog shit you, ah Kim college money did ole you.Member the name you use is not yours, go mine you pickeney them ah that you fi do.

    Waste man, Kim pussy no have no ending, that’s why you have fi kill her with lick.

  3. Does anyone know where it is near girl is originally from. Someone said that she was African but I’m not too sure why don’t you just give him a DNA and be done with it.

  4. Mi *Slaps chest* would Tek ah phuck off of dis gyal…. Sender go suck yuh madda!!!!!!!!

  5. Blacks is a dirty DOG! All he is known to do is fuck gal and diss them! Everybody knows him as the biggest TIFF (pick pocket off England! Nia should off known better not to deh with somebody like this black ugly looking monkey! Nia kids are well taken care off and blacks need to go mine them kids he’s got and stop being a big waste man on social media
    Putting up this wukless gal Kim London bycicle and he’s taken down all off his kids pictures! Dirty blacks don’t you ever wonder why god gave you a girl
    Child the other day? KARMA! How would you feel if a man treats your daughter like this???? You better go baptise before it’s too late!

  6. Did anyone notice blacks and dirty Kim could not afford to keep the big money dance this year Shameeee! Kim college money done! Bout you name dash weh money
    Blacks wukless bwoy please go
    And change that name to brick money dirty blacks! You bruck
    And hungry a pure old brand clothes you inna

  7. Blaxx didn’t want the girl him just use har cause him did homeless and she like a idiot fall for it girl move on with your life

  8. Nia fucked everyone in dancehall including Chris rich and famous she had to hide a fuck Chris channy baby father and none of her baby father wanted her she went and did surgery and still can’t mek one cos she doesn’t look good.

  9. @Brixton real bad gal who no fuck like Kim? The way she fuck out her pussy ah come through her mouth. Blacks only deh with Kim cause him next baby mother did put him out.

    Really look like ah you want dirty blacks. Him fi bring back the youth money,weh him Rob the other day. Nutty germs Kim down to you twin sister husband you tel.

    Mi hear seh the amount of video lucky have inna him phone with the germs Kim.

  10. With the way how men treat women these days it’s kinda hard not to f*ck a lot #dontshootthemessenger

  11. Blacks And his friends need to rot in hell they make me sick I wish the hole lots them get there ass locked up they think they are untouchable but remember god doesn’t like ugly there time will be up soon hate them

  12. Talk di truth di girl look good and always dress nice. Stop tek up fi man and understand seh it nuh right fi a man have 4 pitney and only a mine 1 tru him deh with the mudda. It woulda bun mi too if my baby daddy buy trainers for mitchie mean while ah mi pitney bday cum orn now ppl.

  13. Why do a lot of you condone a man that does not look after their children, forget about Nia and who she slept with the fact that she put that up is he is not minding his child, he only looks after the little girl who he has with Kimberley and that is not right, us women are always tearing down each other because of men like this who cares about who sleep with who its their choices at the end of the day leave them too it, all I want is for these men to just mine their youths dont worry about the women they have been with.

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