A 14-year-old boy was allegedly shot dead by police while at home in his Bedward Gardens community of August Town, St Andrew, on Monday night.

Shortly after the shooting, residents mounted roadblocks which are currently still in place.

The police are yet to provide a statement on the incident.

More information later.


  1. I guess the life expectancy in jamaica now is about 25 for an adult and 14 for kids that means if u live to see 40 you are lucky because thats the equivalent of a 85 yr person few decades ago

  2. Not even in a u house u no safe from them batty boy ya. Me say pple fi start burn down some police station and some a dem police ya house.

    1. Yuh nuh have all the facts, yet yuh quik fi wah have other people start bun down police stations and policeman houses? Whey you nuh start the ball rolling; start bun down the first police station or policeman house. That won’t happen cuz yuh a coward and hypocrite. Never yet see you lick out against the criminal them whey a kill women and children. Yuh only have strength fi police. Tell us why yuh so anti-police? Which criminal in yuh family them kill?

      1. Me say it already bun dung dem rass. If u no safe in a u house where else ur going to be.
        Guess u naa read. Me lick out pon every mumma bloodklaat. Police. Thief. Rapist and as to this story s police we a deal with. If u can’t get no justice fi u pickney tek it up in a u hand. So crawl back under the police cellar u come out a so when di house a bun dung u bun in deh

  3. Fab mi agree wid u. Mi seh that long time. An when the building dem a bun dem fi inna it. Why couldn’t they capture him without incident. Mi nah seh some a dem killing nuh necessary (Like when known gunman a terrorized the communities,rapers) But 14 even if him was harm am sure he was no match fi dem.

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