Hi Met,

I’m not trying to cause trouble but sometimes you have to put people in the spotlight as they dont want it any other way. Shua green you have 9 children two left in Jamaica weh you nah try carry come here. Dem breed up and give har grandkids. Shua a nuh time now u fi try get you life together? Educate youself, get a car and a place fi u self and stop live off a government and man? All u do a party 7 days a week and dont have shit inna u batty all u have is u big …… weh no man nuh stay wid u long fah.

9You a try be promoter bi**h please. You’re a grandmother now set example for your Kids . I’m not trying to bash you nor am I a hater but damn man ….. have some substance. Partying is fine nothing no wrong but have priorities and goals set. Every body a do dem, who no have a career round u a work hard. You dont have nothing! All u do is dress up and go every pan a knock…. until u start repeat u clothes dem.


Your body wont buy you a house or give you a degree if you’re not using it right… the big man weh u deh wid now soon drop u like how the last one did as all u bring to the table is your bady…. dunce gal fix up you self ,get some class you’re still young open ways to a better future…it might sound harsh but its the truth all who wah seh mi a hater go ahead as she has nothing for me to hate on.


  1. Shua green is ah clean hearted person an ah pretty gyal no matter what .. She sweet that all come offa di gyal name f**k outta here

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