One again, Usain Bestie Tahirah steals Kasi’s shine. Look at the comparison of snaps. It looks bad! She reach Rio but all now can’t reach the stadium



14 thoughts on “SENDA SHE WAS/IS IN PANAMA

  1. Morning ppl. We already established that Kasi was NOT in RIO. She went to Panama to fool the Jamaican public knowing that Portuguese and the Spanish hard to tell apart to people who nuh hear Portuguse too often. Currently, Kasi is back home in Jamaica in the comfort of her living room while big relay a guh down and party a keep.

  2. Oh well unu sure she a nuh di wife in making? And i’m happy another female was there cuz mi sick of hearing about Mitzy in beijing!

  3. Come on. One person is pushing up themself while the other person is humble and quite confident where she stands.

    1. If she was so confident in where she stands she would have stayed home and proudly cheered from her yard. Who flies out to a spanish speaking country for 2 days in the middle of the week to try and trick people? Come on

    1. Trick wi indeed! I really believed the girl had flown out, KMT.

      Who is anon at 8:00 talking about she humble and confident in where she stands? You honestly think this is where Kasi wants to be? That’s what makes this whole thing so embarrassing. She wanted to be in Rio and honestly deserves to be there. She looks like a damn fool now. KMT

  4. Kasi @ anonymous 8:00 is that you boo? All a instagram snapchat & twitter a laugh after yuh, cuz yuh a fool waitie katie…lol

  5. Unnu can stay deh. A Google Mi a Google fi See if dem missing any patients or if any escape from one a di facility dem cause Dis nuh real… Unnu naw trick mi it nuh realoooooooo!!!!. Look pan we likkle island nuh dumb ppl like dat nuh deh a my country. Jamaica naw claim kasi no sah. So wah dis prove Mi wah know all wah did a gwan inna har head pan di boat a go panama jah know.. Jah know betta she did fly go ochi only 20 min flight.

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