This a get serious now so dream u really seh so everybody and them moda kno seh a long time the man left u a never you lef him you still a mad over the man. Mi no kirk long time and to how the boy stay a top farm n chat you You still a win inna him life dream are you a idiot? The man lef u with all the belly so y u a embarrass yo self dream a better you go easy because u only a bait up yo self dream remember a u use to mine the man dream lets settle the score since u wanna hype bbyg calm down a better you never comment and say anything remember the world no kirk never want you n a terry never want kirk kirk want everybody galang a ja go look fi the man the man weh na mine the child or look pan u remember u use to love post bout single mom this n that the man lef you 19 oh long you sound dumb girl yo easy ill be sure to get his number n ask chat to him because mi no boy lef u from 2000


One thought on “16 YEARS LATER FI TRUE??

  1. Unnu kno unnu ago low di bbc gyal kedrine and Kirk leave cah him turn christian. The gyal is a trying girl have her job and all so wah….unnu is a set unu petagaye Terry the whole a unnu krystal is a mix up set!!!!!! Sad life Xlcr mix Up group Priney yuh want to base Roxanne as if having one eye was not enough.
    Dream continue to be an excellent mother to your Kids!!!!

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