So due to hw this young 19 yr old girl come pon fb a gwan like her life golden and hw her man have money.. Everyday him and her a class ppl and him nuh see hw him gyal body crawny… so dis can be real… she a hype d bc man a him a f**k all bout. D time she tek a go from dance to dance she go tek a book from she lef tivoli she nuh go no further.


5 thoughts on “19 AND COUNTING

  1. She is 22, walk and sell f** like dwog to both man and woman. I never see a lil gyal love walk and look war so yet, but then again she ain’t got shit a live for…. I ain’t better but the time you spend a go from party to party and a buy all types of experience clothes you go fix up the room you live in, young and a sell f**k with only clothes to show ain’t cutting it hunny.

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