1. Har living condition nasty bad fi hot gyal inna dancehall r yawd big n dirty hot gyal nuffii living tenament yawd goodie u need a life a career or sumn uno cya so big n careless!

  2. Why the cutest little girl show there selves up like this, just for fame.. Learn from a big oomam. Ready “DI HIGHER A MONKEY CLIMB THE MORE HIM EXPOSE HIM ARSE” look Omuch you have ah expose. Dem chemical problems yah, we really nuh need fi know

  3. She’s a pretty girl but she look raw. Di toe need special attention like how a mother should give dem kids special attention….
    Di bleaching need a topic pan it own….bleaching cream get more care Dan baby feeding…. cause wah day mi go look fi one a mi school fren an Neva know a him cause him was black at school but now him Caucasian… Him white like cocaine all leff fi do a snort him…so mi say yuh cool eeh man yuh change di filter inna yuh AC regular, no patch no-ting… so mi say a di pill yah Tek cause is not rubbings get yuh yasso… Him say latty come inside Mek mi show yuh di formula….. when mi go een tuh bloodclaat di man have a keg inna di fridge nobody caah touch it him hangle it wid care…. him say him tell him baby madda Nuh fi put di baby feeding an bakkle inna di fridge fi Tek up space cause di formula affi stay cool…but di best pawt is a di work wah him put een a mean is a job on it own without pay a swear!… Mi call crowd pan him cause mi Neva understand an mi did need more options… Mi alone couldn’t manij.

  4. Is there a before pic? and I swear she had money she just kept a party the other day and was giving away 80 grand to the best chromaz whine… Where makes her broke? Do we have any pics of her dutty house? Mi fass bad!!!

  5. This bitch is not pretty
    Ppl use the word pretty too loosely
    I keep saying this and won’t Stop
    What is pretty about this girl she bleach out her skin
    Pack up r face a makeup and filter Nikki
    Isn’t even that complexion in real life that’s filter !
    People will always be fooled by this thing called Instagram!

  6. Leave her the f**k alone !!!!! She bleach what she wanna bleach !!!! F**k off!!! All that girl do is have fun with her friends and live her f**g life … She’s from the ghetto and that’s all she know so let her be … Damn smh poor lil girl

  7. May I suggest competitive swimming as a more lucrative means of income young lady. Look into it. Yu talented bad an yu nuh even guh gense di pool yet.

  8. Little Willy you must stop it lol, weh u say is a Michael Phelps, with big flippers? Bwahahaha, that joke is gonna go over most of them head

  9. i would love to see the faces and body of all you PERFECT PEOPLE commenting on the girl picture like this idk her dont wish to but nobody nuh perfect and at least god give her a pretty face and nice shape mr chin sell her a pretty complexion and she buy some nice ink work…. some a uno on pinkwall just straight born to hate and nuff a uno life miserable from relationships to how uno care for uno kids straight down to uno appearance…. so if youre perfect answer me

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