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  1. The knuckle dem stubban bad shawna. Mi see u finally get out the finga knuckle but hide dem foot deh until dem come

  2. i like the face and the body….never mind the bleaching….but the dress is ugly tho….and black shoes would have sold it better…..

  3. hold on deh, if the first poster never point it out i would swear she has that complexion naturally. now me a see her knuckles and foot dem. big man ting still, me woulda make a one flex wid her but she haffi wear gloves and socks to cover up dem part deh. i wonder if the front stay like the knuckles :bola

  4. @ only child…….mi never even think bout dat…..but i dont know if i would chance mi jewels pon a bleach out pum pum………….dwrcl

  5. ..sometimes i wonder when the go home or go through old family photos how they think an feel about they new found look,,,or when family come to visit they hadnt seen in yrs

  6. Gm. sender dat is di least di lady look gud! yuh talking about ppl so let di world see wat you luk like wid yuh smell bad self!!!

  7. Shawna yuh look nice but my girl the foot dem a beat yuh bad. It seems like bleaching cream tek long fi work on feet and knuckles. But if shi continue di rubbings, it will reach by about Spring.

  8. Sharna pls keep in mind to wear a seamless underwear wit that outfit cause the one u wearing a part n print u not so nice looking

    1. Chuety yuh bad nuh yaws. Yuh know mi whoppy guh back guh look and si di panty line print roght out. Tek time wid har and memba sey is a square shape shi werking wid and sometimes thongs just show up the square more.

  9. Shawna yuh look nice but yuh see your shape that’s another story yuh shape TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fi a young girl with no kids youh body fava box juice no sah! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak yuh fi hit di gym man dat don’t look good in a two piece :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :hoax2 :hoax2

  10. Ms. Bleach Brownin, ef a Bahamas yuh really deh mek sure a ongly night flex yuh deh pon. Cah dat deh sun hot deh wi change di whole a yuh fi match yuh ‘originial’ skin weh a peep outta yuh pumps…:ngakak

  11. I first thought they were tattoos because they were so dark. I always wondered how those people felt that totally changed their colors with skin bleach. A little skin lightening is ok but dang. This chick looks nice anyway. But I always wondered if dark skined people who bleached their skin to become light, if it is a form of inferiority complex leading them to believe that being light skin makes them attractive, thus forming the notion that dark skin people are not attractive. Because it must be for enhancement reasons why a person would totally want to change their color. And please nuh baddy nuh bother run up pon mi how a crap mi a chat. Cause mi born light skin and a ugh die light skin all when mi guh back a JA guh live Ina di hot sun. But mi jus a onset. Suh a bleacher step forward and give us ur take.

  12. why take bathroom pics or pics against a wall, when ur in nice nice bahamas????

    when u r in the concrete jungle i understand, but ur telling me u couldn’t find a balcony or a nice out door restaurant fi snap a beautiful pic?

    yuh shape, or lack there of, is r beating me badly,a u dem call spongebob comes to life?

    mi like yuh hair though, nice long and sleek, it suit u.

    good day miss met
    good day fellow metters

    1. Shawna has numerous other pictures @Lundun on her Instagram feed of her and her friend enjoying their time in the Bahamas. Perhaps she wanted a picture prior to doing road.


    1. Anon noooo don’t dweet even if a $1.99 fi har outfit n .99 fi bag that’s not the point this morning the girl clothes is just fine cause all the name brand whey some a dem turn jailhouse cockroach ain’t doing shit fi dem kmt
      The girl shit put together properly except say di foot dem tubbon with the bleachings oh n di baggy too evident

    2. Bitch a rock de phuck out a de outfit REGARDLESS! Shoo fly and lef de B alone. No name brand bag??????? WHY? She tell yu she need a bag fi whey she a go? De girl a ROCK whey she can afford cheap or fake……..

      You come with de all caps and mean shit do nothing but Draw attention her… ONCE AGAIN….lololol

  14. You guys are horrible… why judge someone,then say only God can judge you. I am sure most of you don’t shape so wonderful either.. leave the girl alone if she choices to make a fool of her self or pretend that she asa wonderful life.. it’s her story.. how does her bleaching affect your life.. it still not going to make your life any better.. you still wish u look like her.. the smallest things you guys make a mountain out of it… we need to stop and try to make ourselves better and stop worrying about the next person..

    1. i agree

      hate when you just on someone and judging them , chastising them – is like yall want people to read all these comments – feel bad and go kill dem self

      or yall gonna say its constructive criticism and yall really trying to help Shawna cause yall care right ?

      we all have to answer for our sins – so just make sure yall are perfect

  15. IF I RECALL CORRECTLY SHE WAS NEVER A FULLFLEDGE BLACK GAL Had a caramel complexion but the bleaching makes it way brighter. She always look nice & clean no hate you go girl looking beautiful

  16. Evening Met and Metters

    Shawna you nuh look 3 Bad but when the ppl dem a dun yuh yuh fi
    Tek it cuz you a one a dem to whey live pon 101 Social Media
    Lane 101 Social Media Road 101 Social Media drive

    Everything unnoh do unnoh put it pon Social media
    No lickle sense of Privacy yuh could of went on your trip
    And no one knew but no every body have to know
    Yuh love paparazzi lifestyle a people like you mek mi
    Wonder if Facebook and Instagram was not around how
    Would you function? How would you survive?

  17. It doesn’t matter what her Clothes cost She look nice.
    It different when they buy the fake shit and fronting like it’s real.if it fake wear it and keep quiet.

  18. now mi have something fi she bout Shauna in Bahamas. something is fishy! for the longest this girl could not travel! however now she claiming to be there… hmmm why is it that on her instagram all the pics she took and put on her location she is in the Bahamas don’t come up on the map. I think she is in fl somewhere with chacka so not couture!
    something does not add up, why she don’t go to jamaia fi go look fi har madda.
    she is not a bad looking girl but she need to learn how to have humble fun because show off bring disgrace, and if these girls were putting something to use it would be and not too bad, but they all looking fame.
    look on her instagram pics of the Bahamas.. when you are in a place/ country your location setting pick it up, but if you lie and just type in something it will not locate it on the map. only her pics alone come up when you click the map.
    and she couldn’t travel like apple.

  19. Should be wearing ah pair of boots ,them confident withde black patch them sah ,go see oh bad it look in person!

  20. @kerryberry suh wat if the girl waan go pon vacation n post her pics why she fi hide..dat normal fi ppl go/out or away n take pics wey she fi do hide,,,mek di gyal live har life

  21. Shawna shape bad bad bad that’s all mi have fi seh. Lmfao!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak basic bitches will do basic things and gwan like ah something big or different dem ah do. Child go take several seats I keep telling these wannabe celebrities travel abroad far far away where it’s only you and maybe one other on a beautiful sandy beach. The Bahamas is a local joint uno neva know ?? JUSS like Vegas and south beach :cool :cool :hoax2 :hoax2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  22. unu move unu dutty bloodclawt n lowe d gal alone unu bad mine and grudge d gal fe her tings f**kin hater,lowe d gal n gweh unu wish unu did ina her f***king shoes!!bitch show u ugly dutty pop dung self and stop chat pon dis

  23. @ Love miss Neva see come see what life is Shawna
    Living? Please Fashion wrapped it up best basic chicks period
    Full stop. That’s the issue with you broads it’s all about trying to be like
    And living like when you all chicks gonna be ACTUAL??? If unnoh
    Cook a plate of food unnoh put it on social media and when ppl talk
    Unnoh vex .

    Unnoh life Luuu Shawna life luuuuu the bottom of her red bottom
    Boots posted on here a few months ago explained the state of
    Her affairs full stop period !!!!! Yuh stop wid me but yuh neva stop with
    The person who asked if she reach clear a Bahamas how come she
    Nuh reach a Jamaica fi look fi har madda. Tell Shawna post the
    Answer to that question on her Instagram please and tonks!!!!!

  24. hmmmmmm.lol who ova yah grudge miss.shawna surely not me :ngakak :malu :ngakak SHAWNA no have shit fi nobody grudge har fah :ngakak :ngakak she dont have a house .or car and me sure she no have a cent inna the bank ,,,all she have is labels f**k dat lets pull up to the bank boo most of which are not real (ioffer) wanna be celebrities :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  25. Shawna falling star: yu nuh a di wuss looking Sumadi mi Eva si in a
    Two piece from mi bawn!! Yu badi tan really bad!! I Wulda
    Neva Eva have a badi like fi yu hill and gully badi
    An put it in a two piece. Not evn apple basement surgeon
    Cyah hello yu badi . Mi nuh kno how yu tek off yu
    Clothese in front a man. A how yu duhiy star girl!

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