1. Two man if yuh ask mi :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    Samar x ah long time mi nah see out and about where have you been hiding mi luv? Yuh look like one big tall man still just try and keep this one cause you are known for tricking on ya man dem and dem end up leave yuh afta so just be careful wid di young teenage boy dem :ngakak :siul

  2. Met please ask sender to send in a clearer pic of the man because I saw this dude in person and god dammit when she open har mouth her voice was harder to listen than her face to look at. Really want see the man weh brave enough to sleep with that man….tanks

  3. Whey nuh dead nuh dash whey and whey nuh dead nuh call it duppy a rasssssssclaaat. Only goes to show some woman whey look feminine and voice sound squeaky fine lacka when chewawa a bark, can’t find a man and this girl whey unuh seh all sort of things bout find a man. Unuh lough di woman and give har a break.

  4. Him name is (Edit). From south side he plays soccer for tivoli garden he’s. About 28 him use to go to holy trinity high school

  5. Yo unno nah easy at all bloodclatt mon gi di gal ah chance mon how unno can kill ppl suh mi nah lie mi fraid ah unno bad

  6. Isn’t that great she finally decide fe give birth congrats . After all those abortion & Nyam out gal ( Front) u up mind now me happy fe u mr xxxxxx.

  7. Samar ano u him want, a weh yuh can give him mi lub. Lmao some a unnu woman delusional nuh pussclaat. Just fi say unnu have a man yall do anything to baxside smh hmmm sick stomach (spits) oh congrats :2thumbup

  8. Didn’t know two man can have a child unless dem adapt one :ngakak Samar di ppl dem seh yuh fi hide away because all ya walk round and do is beg ppl fi dem money. :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2

  9. no she look bad why lennox go do that him love like it come like 2 batty man she ugly bad pat lennox love like long time fe lef him have babymother them call bobo the gal don’t look at him she breed fe Otis son from out 81 family she have 2youth fe him one with lennox that mek 3 . samar don’t have lennox if the gal bobo want im she can tek him they him football match one day him play with me like him like me so me say no you bobo babyfather him say yea him fe got bout looking me when me call them gal they name me ask if still love her him laugh and say always no sah samar yo look black night ugly bad

  10. @ dwl u too lie an wick to bobo lenox dont want boo him hate bobo him hate har like pision as of for pat him use har an abuse har. bobo did lef the pickney what she have fi lenox on the side a southside thats why lenox have him now pls stop talk what unu dont know him want samar bad an she dont have to mine him fi stay dont know her personally but is out of fi him mouth mi hear it from @ Dwl I know exactly who u r so gwaan pick up fi bobo cause bobo chat say from u start fly back and forth an a wear di people dem poop ina u get hype an dont remember har so gwaan come an chat an see if mi nuh call u name pon ya ! U remember the one timberland boots weh u did have an the long black see through blouse what u wear a every dance dont mek mi start ! Remeber mi an u come from the same place so mi know bout u mi nuh know bout samar so stop talk a just true u never get fi 3 some lenox like how u an bobo 3 some the next man !

  11. This ugly nasty gal s real never see come see. Dont know this boy from no where n f**k him raw. And all him too both of them a worthless people. And a likes the boy love why him end up with a man like. Him a true battyman. Go pick up what nobody don’t want a mad worthless f**ker like x.

  12. No man no want X and a thats she a act so. I feel sorry for the child bc lennox a big duns n x herself retarded. Me never know say them things happen in a 2013. Gal a breed fi man who them dont know. and then a talk bout love. The boy shame now every time me see him his head down. Bc no body no want him from him go breed x him look like shittttt. Me want fi know if she dont see that. Him a the biggest joke in a southside now. Him all talk say him never know what he was doing a must vodo them work pon him. But a no that him lickly lickly. That is all to him. Come on look pon x she look like man.

    1. no please stop it the girl too ugly lenox why you do that to your self this is a big shame and disgrace wow dwl man a breed man

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