Why shorty nuh lef the mixup she deh way a Afghanistan and still inna mix
Another sender seh she wish for her to be safe where she is deployed

*********But fi me what I want to know is all when will this young woman grow up? Yuh deh whey yuh deh and find time for these kinds of non-progressive idleness on facebook? Most people who are deployed use their facebook to contact family and friends..dem nuh come pan it fi this kinda thing..I have never seen it until now smh :travel ************

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  1. This horse face hard body gal need fi gwey now look how far she deh and still inna mixup. Hey gyal shorty how quickly u forgot u love mine man and buy cocky to. A wah u figet a used to spend pon shotta and him still f**k pon u like DOG then the selector and him lef ur ugly ass and get married. Now u a f**k Sam gotti under the quiet and u fren him babymadda like all is well. Bitch plz pick the rass matta outta yuh eye first

    1. anon guh suck yuh madda an cum offa di girl case smh unnu jus hot fi shorty suh an she nuh see unnu…ah mus di same nastiness renee dis…bitch guh get a f**king life!!!!

      1. She talking facts tho, same way she was sleeping with Ricky Grines and fren up his BM all have the girl ova her yard ah eat food smh

    2. Yuh know seh ah long time mi nuh hear smaddy seh matta lol..unu memba the nursery rhyme weh guh…..matta na yuh yeye, ticks inna yuh batty, that’s the way you spell mattamatics…those were the good ole days..

      1. And there is nothing wrong with f**king under the quiet…long as anuh other people property you ah ride…I’m not coming to Shorty’s defense, but what I am saying is that sometimes it is best that people nuh know who yuh ah f**k, dat way dem cyan try mash unu up…I have f**ked under the quiet til smaddy guh whisper the quietness and loud up di ting and BABOOM!!!…relationship mash up, so there is absolutely nutted wrong with quiet f***8ng your own man…..now there is something wrong with quiet f***kking other people’s property :hoax2

  2. I really believe Shorty is one a dem ppl who thrive on mix up. She nuh have some mountain top ova Afghanistan fi go secure. She free bad. Smh

  3. U nuh c sey ah sum reject people guh sign-up fi some ah dem division deh: she could not hold a serious position, she must be a cook or some kind a “environmental” person!!!! FOH! :bola :bola :bola :bola :bola

    1. Londy same ting mi a seh and almost half a fi mi family did ina di army so mi quite disturbed at where she finds the time fi f-ckery . But di way she bad mi tink she wudda beat renee clear from dere :travel

      1. Everything people seh dem run wid because dem a one a di same. So lance pepper him pepper di dog and lef it a bark a so if a did sinting fi kill dem same way dem wudda walk up ina di death..Not because he says it makes it true , and where him was when those things did a happen??? What part him play? Dem nuh ask but dem rush off…Im convinced dem sick a swear

        1. Metty, he was probably right there next to Renee ah hitch up him big ears next to the phone ah cova him mouth ana laugh like ah real ms.Judy queen smfh…

  4. f**king sad life bitches the girl all the way in Afghanistan and her name still in mixup and all y’all do is sit and watch the girl life….unnu life mussi really f**king sad cuz every time shorty den pon jmg here comes di ole parasite den ready fi attack but ah unnu same one milk ah spoil smh.

    1. My milk has an expiration date and I always drink it before it spoil; the price ah milk too dare fe me mek it spoil dawlin…..

  5. This bitch never out a mix up all when she in Afghanistan she in mix up dutty shorty stay in Afghanistan because new york no need you and the whole lot a them wey over Facebook a cheer you on just as bad nobody likes you unless there are like you , with your waste self and I believe you f**king Sam fi true that’s all you do walk and f***k bout you in swizzle team you suck all the swizzle dicks bitch

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