The police have positively identified two headless bodies discovered in Comfort, Clarendon on Friday.

They are that of 19 year-old Ronaldo Byfield and 17 year-old Jordan Campbell, both of White Hall Avenue in the parish.

Mr. Byfield had been reported missing on September 7.

The headless bodies were discovered in bushes in an area close to Osbourne Store.

The heads were subsequently found in a nearby dam.


  1. IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME!! My goodness man, and to think that people in high places are ok with this, And then when people talk about how the country is structured and operates, people want to get upset. How shallow and ignorant it is to analyze the Counrty, and rejoice on the few that are able to rise above the rapid implementation of proverty and slow genocide of the people, EXCUSE ME! ME AND MY PEOPLE!! – AS IF PEOPLE DONT TALK ABOUT WHAT IS WRONG BECAUSE IT BOTHERS THEM!! When you can understand what’s really going on its hard to pretend and smile. Jamaica and Jamacians every where need to come together and live as one.

  2. Ok, so the killings wont stop. When behaviral changes takes place then crime will go down. Come on people jamaica lack morality, people have no manners anymore, kids n young adults lack proper parenting, teens having sex anywhere, teens going in gangs, so why the excitement. When cable tv reach jamaica uno did think jamaica would be the same 30 years ago. Uno stop create excitement dem boys goodly murderers, no one get murder random like that. It may sound cold but uno stop the dam excitement n if uno a parent, go grown uno kids properly. Crime rate is n will get higher so brace unoself fi it n tap behave like liad columbus.

  3. Unu can tan deh deh I heard is gun 3 a them go buy a Clarendon and one a them decide say I’m want it for himself and proceeded to relieve the young men of their heads and came back to headley avenue in Kingston told his brother and of course some nice family members or affiliates of the headless hombres decided to use several rounds of ammunition to relieve him of his life, for all involved good riddance to alla unu, 3 less Badman fi the jcf worry bout.

  4. The place with a church or bar on almost every corner.Corruption rampant,it is about time we re-evaluate what kind of country we really are.

    A Church and a Bar on Every Corner
    moving church of GodAccording to the Guiness Book of World Records Jamaica has the most churches per square mile of any place in the world. I believe it. Here in Runaway Bay there seems to be a church in every neighborhood. Our host Tony says there’s a church and a bar on every corner in Jamaica. people in church runaway bayOn Sunday the streets are full of people heading off to church-the men in suits, dress shirts and ties and the women dressed fashionably.

    united church runaway bayWe attended the United Church last Sunday. The Resource Centre where we work is located in the Church Hall. Almost all the hymns were familiar. The worship leader or pastor would just launch in with a hymn and the poor organist was left scrambling to try to figure out the key he was singing in and slide into that key on her instrument after experimenting with several. organ surrounded by gatesThe organ was surrounded by iron grating to prevent it from being damaged or stolen during the week. choir runaway united church jamaicaThere was a choir of five elderly women who wore matching tops and sang two numbers. They marched in and out of the sanctuary in solemn procession before and after the service.

    church in jamaicaThere were several rows of children in attendance- all dressed beautifully- the girls in colourful fancy dresses and the boys in long sleeved shirts and pressed pants. There was a short children’s story for them and some chorus singing led by a very enthusiastic and well dressed young woman who kept shouting “God is Good” to which the children responded “All the Time.”pastor speaking runaway bayThe pastor was speaking on the story in Matthew 4:18-22 where Jesus asks the fishermen to follow him. “We need to be careful who we follow,” Pastor Delroy Johnson warned the congregants. His Jamaican example of someone his parishoners should be wary of following, was employment recruiters who take Jamaican people’s money and promise if you follow them you’ll get a good job in Canada, or the United States or England. Some of these recruiters are scam artists. They take unsuspecting people’s money and then disappear with it leaving their victims without money or a job overseas. church in runaway bayChurch was two and a half hours long with seven traditional hymns, seven prayers, three Scripture readings, a time to walk around the church and say hello to literally everyone and an altar call.

    Jamaica is one of the most churched places in the world. 99% of its citizens say they are Christians. In a country where poverty is widespread, violent crime is a daily reality, the public education system is under funded and in disarray, and the only hope for the majority to have stable employment is to leave the country, churches provide an important safety net and offer a glimmer of hope in a place where the future for many is bleak.


  5. Lord have Mercy mi suspect dem was never damm innocent, das y it bun me wen u hear some people a chat about crime dis a dat. Dem chat too damm much some a dem, mi nuh mind wen the f ucker dem dead. The shotta dem is 15-20 now a days so mek dem tan dey. Mi glad the 3 a dem r ass dead.

  6. I heard the same story as lord have mercy. They are from Whitehall and they recently shot up some people down by Red Hills Road. I hear that don send them to buy guns in Clarendon. The mother for one of them a bawl bout him innocent and a friend this and that. Dem lucky, if a wrongdoings, make them dead and gwan. Less trouble for society and if it’s not them, it’s the many other people they will kill. Better them gwan

  7. 2 cents das y mi nuh jump n create excitement when people get murdered, wether man or woman. If only people know how much others mixx up u see. Mi nah sorry fi none a dem a backfoot, dem fi all died, dem fi leggo a bomb up a white hall avenue in those damm lanes, dem fi bun out over common, karl samuda lane, park lane, 100, 85 dem fi bun out every one in dey, a time government get harsh now, cho.

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