FALMOUTH, Trelawny
HYMAN Stubbs has surrendered all hopes of ever seeing his 20-year-old son, Oshane, alive again, after he disappeared nearly a month ago, following an alleged dispute with men from an inner-city St James community, while working on a construction site in Salt Marsh, Trelawny.
Hyman, affectionately called ‘Happy,’ a well-known charcoal vendor of Falmouth is now heart-broken, and is searching for answers for what he strongly believes is the murder of his son.
“No! no! no! I don’t think him alive or him would a come a him yard. When me see the body me will feel more comfortable in myself. Me naw see mi pickney, Oshane naw call me. A Oshane cook fi mi you know,” the disheartened father told the Jamaica Observer West.
Yesterday, another man who was among residents who converged at the dejected father’s gate when the Observer West news team arrived, also held the view that Oshane, known as ‘Shortman’, is not alive.
“Is about a month now, so if him was alive you don’t think him would come a him yard? That a long time, so weh him could a deh? he questioned.
On Thursday, January 22, the young Stubbs was among a crew who journeyed from Falmouth to Salt Marsh, where they worked on a construction site.
According to one of the workers, during the casting of concrete — in which a number of workers from other communities were involved — Oshane became agitated after he was hit with an empty concrete bucket.
He reportedly threatened to retaliate if he was hit again by another bucket.
The worker said, shortly after that, Oshane was said to have been confronted by a group of men who charged that he “violated” by uttering “gun talk” on the work site.
Oshane was then reportedly kicked, struck in the face and a lighter used to inflict burns to his chin.
The worker said he was under the impression that Oshane left for Falmouth after the group of men escorted him off the property.
He said, upon returning to Falmouth that night, he went to Oshane’s house to deliver his day’s pay, which he had collected on his behalf, but learnt that his co-worker did not return home.
According to the grieving father, about 4:00pm that day, he had a premonition that his son was in trouble.
“In the evening about four o’clock I felt a funny feeling and said to myself that if I knew where Oshane was I would go for him. Anytime something going to go wrong that is how I feel. God is good and God is great… six o’clock come, no Oshane, seven o’clock come, no Oshane, eight o’clock come, no Oshane, nine o’clock come no Oshane. So me a say, rhatid, a must double overtime him doing mek him nuh come home yet,” the distraught father said.
“After that me get up and say me don’t like the situation because Oshane never go out and stay out so late, so a could a wha wrong because mi nuh feel good.”
He said when he heard someone at the gate about 11:00pm he was overjoyed, as he thought it was his son.
“When me hear the gate push me say give thanks him come,” the senior Stubbs recounted.
But he was jolted when he saw one of the workers who was among the Falmouth crew that had set out for Salt Marsh that morning. The worker related to the worried father what unfolded during the day.
The dejected father reflected that the following morning, he reported his son missing at the Falmouth Police Station.
When contacted, Commander of the Falmouth Police station Superintendent Wilford Campbell said that the matter is being investigated, but stressed that persons were not coming forward to give statements to the police.

0 thoughts on “20 YO OLD MISSING SINCE JAN 22

  1. To pray and to prey: Mr Stubbs, sorry mi bredda. It must be hard getting sleepless nights, your blood pressure hitting the roof, and you not knowing what to do under these circumstances………………. Prayers for your family.

  2. That was his son last time on earth when those men escorted him out of the place they then killed him. They provoke that man and not think that man wasn’t going to say something to defend himself. He was there working and some boys/men thought it would be funny to mess with the man. God doesn’t sleep and I pray and hope there’s jutice for him because he didn’t deserve a beaten and then death. I hope that the body is recovered and his father can have some peace.

  3. I feel for this family. No care what is going on int e world having your family means you not alone in it.
    This is the reason why mi nuh want have nothing to do with construction workers, most of those ppl working on sites are shady af or have criminal records, just vile some of them are. Dem bully him by throwing a bucket and when him defended himself dem killed him. Jeezam peace what is dis world wi haffi share wid dese sick fckrs.

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