Bail has been denied a man who appeared in court yesterday charged with the kidnapping, rape and sodomy of a 62-year-old stroke victim.
Jameel Kayam Mohammed, 20, of Longdenville, Chaguanas, appeared before Princes Town Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan, who said that the accused had allegedly committed the offence while charged with another crime—larceny.
Mohammed was represented by attorney Petronilla Basdeo, who submitted that bail was meant to ensure that a defendant appeared in court.
Basdeo said that Mohammed would have to spend a considerable amount of time in jail since the case involved the testing of DNA, which would take time.
Basdeo, instructed by attorney Ashley Badal, asked that the Court consider Mohammed’s attendance in his other case, when deliberating on whether he be granted bail.
Mohammed, the married father of an infant girl, was told of his right to apply to a judge in chambers for bail.
He will reappear before the Princes Town court on June 17.


  1. Horrible . Hope justice is served. Thanks for highlighting the dilemma of the helpless.
    I am hoping you will write also about the over four hundred boy children per year, who are reportedly raped by their fathers, relative or someone in their family as reported by the Jamaican Chilld Authority .
    Plight of little girls most not be forgotten, but rape of young boys in Jamaica by relatives and family associates, continue to explode as the homosexual population grows in ja to some extremely high levels. Many of these young men will tell u that their first sexual experience was forced or coerced .

    So when u do rape stories and abuse in Trinidad, remember sweet Jamaica where abuse is a hell on earth and often not making d papers .

    Thank yuh miss met

    1. You dont determine what is posted here only I do and please remember that. I will post about Trinidad whenever and however I get the news from there. If you dont like it please feel free to close those eyes of yours

  2. Met u on yuh period today love?
    When u have a website it is NOT PERSONAL dear, it is natural for viewers to comment or give thoughts or ideas, this is not a dictatorship.
    I am concerned of victims of all sexual and abuse crimes whether in the Caribbean or abroad. I spoke of JA because just yesterday a youth from there confessed to me that he was raped by his ” BAD BWOY ” uncle for years and no one believed him. Then he ended up homeless for coming out as gay ten years later and had to flee JA fo his life , because the village don also threatened to rape and kill him .

    Your comments to me was down right NASTY AND UNPROFESSIONAL though I meant you no harm.
    I will stay out of your lane and u ride straight pass mine , you hear gyal ?

    1. I was my utmost intention to be unprofessional and nasty, im glad you picked up on it. About the lanes, I think youre a tad bit confused so I will leave you to that. Jamaicans are concerned about abuse everyday, as much as Trinis should be concerned about their’s.

      1. Whenever a there is a Trini post that is really bad u run and seh this and that should post bout Jamaica, you can sly/slight or be coy with me . I see you from a mile away

  3. Come to think of it,i always had a mind to open a Ladies fashion store in H.W.T.My store would carry Churchwear,promdresses,Wedding dresses,frenchmaid outfits and B*t*y Riders and Punane Printers.

    I mean it is MY STORE so it is my perogative what I put on display to the public…sorta like if I had my own website hmmmmm.

  4. @Anon 1:54 if you are so concerned and vested in the happenings of these young boys in Jamaica, please note that there are many free website building applications. You can start your own site and post everything that you see fit, whenever you feel.

    Unless you are in partnership with the JMG admin, I don’t understand how you feel like you can come dictate the content of HER site.

    KMT, you must be bored and need some excitement in your life why you’ve chosen to come start up nonsense on this God-blessed Wednesday.

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