The St Mary police are still seeking the boyfriend of a 30-year-old woman who was shot and killed in the parish on Sunday night.

The police say they are searching for Patrick Moodie, also called Chen or Ramas, of Mason Hall in the parish.

Samatha Lindsay, also called Trudy, was shot dead Sunday night in Grants Town, St Mary.

Reports are that residents heard explosions about 9:00 pm and called the police. Lindsay was then found with a gunshot wound to the head. She died at hospital.


On Wednesday, head of the St Mary police, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, told OBSERVER ONLINE that the police are still searching for the suspect.
“We hope to make a breakthrough soon,” she said.

Renae Dixon


  1. Thanks for keeping the story in the feed. Trudy was a mother to an adorable little girl. This “suspect” has a daughter a mere two years younger than Trudy’s, mother sister and the whole works. I want them to know that hiding a murder (whomever it is) makes them just as guilty, unno hand bloddyy

  2. Domestic Violence in Jamaica is at a new high the amount a woman weh dead leaving them kids is beyond me,R.I.P Trudy

  3. Domestic violence is rampant my God man ladies get out before it’s too late. He hit u once trust an believe he’ll do it again. R.I.P young lady.

  4. Until women begin to value themselves more,domestic violence will always happen.Unless mothers stop condoning their sons sexualisation and disrespect of women it will go on.I have one son and he has been warned.Unless his life is in danger he must never place a hand on a woman or anyone for that matter.Before so,leave.

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