Mi nuh want mi ID hide cause mi a real bad gyal pan earth mi a talk on behalf of the British bad gyal dem first sender some a weh u a seh a true na really bash u but mek mi tell the real story we an the rotten soldier boy dem use to deh yes but we run dem cause dem nuh like give gyal money an wa hot gyal an nuh wa get bun MAN CLOWN DAYS DUN suh we move dem up dem end up wid some rotten gyal like dem self we ago road long time an nobody neva use to in a no worries wid a soul.Anyways dem an di gyal dem start par all of a sudden mi nuh know if a Di boy dem a tell dem things r wah a pure Vibes suh true mi know empty barrels makes the most noise we a party same way until week before last Thursday all hell bruck lose war gwan an pure things of course dem British dem beat out dem bl***.

second sender u should a shame Fi say u work a camp an cya mek sense in a wah u send in we get p*** Fi f**k an f**k nice maybe yours nuh nice cause a pure rape u get u a chat bout uKnow story guh u nuh know nothing cause the 3 soldiers a the girl friend dem an mi did a fuck one suh weh u a seh like dora nyam u birth right mek u hot Fi har suh or maybe she tek di man of u dreams thanks to pinkwallofficial_jmg Fi hide unuh

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