THE death of Charlton Huggins, 21, on Monday would have disheartened his close relatives, but it did not come as a surprise.
Huggins, of Sixth Avenue, Barataria, was shot dead along Upper Tenth Street, Malick, Barataria, around 2.30 p.m. on Monday.
Speaking to members of the media yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, his relative admitted that Huggins was a young man who involved himself with the wrong crowd.
“We talked to him over and over. We told him watch the company he kept because people would lead him astray,” said a relative.
“He was held by the police for a firearm and we went through the whole process. I was there from the police station, to the courthouse, to the prison to make sure that he got food, clothes and then his bail and things like that.
“He got out and we spoke to him…but then he came and got hold for the same offence again. Personally, I told him, ‘hear what, you’re a big man and you have common sense’, and if he didn’t want to listen to us, then fine.
“He spent about 120 days in jail, but whole time we were there for him. I was running up and down still, because at the end of the day that’s family. And then he was eventually released. We spoke to him again, he wasn’t listening…
“To tell you the truth, he wasn’t a bad person, but he was ‘harden’ and it was the friends he kept…the lifestyle he kept. All these things led us here. Sad to say, we were expecting this,” they said.


      1. Fact! Dem no give children wrong and that is the reason some bite off dem ears…….the messed up part after all that they still gonna have to find burying expenses smh

  1. Jamaican parents will use them mouth and crucify other people kids and ignore their murderers , and make any one try tell them that their kids are murderers dem hate you like poison.

  2. smh,i witnessed a boy murder a bus driver over a bitch, the murderer mumma see r son a run come up inna d lane wid d gun inna him hand after him kill d guy n she start cuss him n mek a bag a noise, days after when police come looking for the murderer d same mumma start cuss everybody say ppl a tell lie pon r pikney and him start beat up ppl calling dem informa… gunman end up killing her nxt 2 pikney “which wasnt involved in any kind of violence then police deal wid d murderer after now a beg d mumma a walk n beg lil food fi eat

  3. :2thumbup :2thumbup :2thumbup :2thumbup mi did have a next door neighbor deh nutten teif like him an kill him mumma dead him Neva yet duh shit..Everytime dat bwoy get lock up shi go weh fi di weekend and braps bwoy cum out a jail, she chat seh a monkey she meck f**ck har suh har son caan stay inna jail… couple years ago mi talk to somebody inna mi community a Jamaica an hear she di bwoy tun round an rape off him mumma ,di fuss ting come outta mi mouth is “f**ka”u…. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak a:ngakak ….a prison di ole serpent dead in a

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