Dead are 21-year-old Shaba Smith and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Terence Reid, who was employed to security company Hawkeye.

According to police reports, approximately 10:30 last night Smith and Reid, who have a child together, had a dispute about the man’s infidelity.

It is further reported that during the argument a woman who was allegedly having an affair with the man turned up at the couple’s house.

A fight reportedly then ensued between the women.

Following the incident, Smith was allegedly shot and killed by Reid who reportedly later used the gun on himself.

The police say the other woman is cooperating with the investigation.

0 thoughts on “23 YO KILLS 21 YO COMMON LAW WIFE

  1. SMH at the ever increasing murder/suicide rate, and suicide rate. Just last week a Teacher from STETHS killed herself. Prior to that, it was a Police kill police, and then kill himself while the one that was shot was being transported to the hospital. Then sometime around the ending of April, there was a picture of a very attractive girl that killed herself in her home. It just goes on and on…….. They don’t live to be 40, or even 30. Whew! All these young lives lost by their own hands. How sad.

  2. This was very unnecessary the woman on the side should have never went to the couples house/home. Any dispute she have with the man she should settle it with him elsewhere or though I did read that the two women were fighting – that said the woman who’s house it was, was not at fault

    These dirty men, never seem to understand what this lifestyle can cause, see it now two lives lost over nothing…. Kmt

  3. I am very careful of what I give my attention to these days. I feel very strongly that there is something in the atmosphere that is affecting ppl, and you must work to protect your mind from being conquered. Who nuh know God betta seek him while him can still be found, and who already know him betta rededicate demself and hold on stronga dan eva.

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