9 thoughts on “$30 WUT A GRAVY

  1. They didn’t order curry chicken or oxtail that the gravy come with…so yeah, I can understand the charge lol

    Baked chicken and rice and peas with curry chicken gravy…to each their own tastes

  2. Doh wrong dem. Bake chicken don’t really come wid gravy eno. Plus di bake chicken ova one side and the curry/oxtail gravy ova di other side. Suh labor cost go into dat $30.00 too. Dem “of to” walk go get di separate gravy. That’s right. Plus dem a shorten di gravy fi the original curry chicken/oxtail people dem. Lmaoooo. Plus even though it’s a entire combo meal …. I guess white rice is free but rice and peas cost $1.00 extra. Wooooooooooiii. Hayyyyy

  3. No sah unu don’t deviate from the order bake chicken no fancy gravy,combo meal tek a gravy inna di combo. Lol,only my ppl.

  4. Everything comes at a price with this restaurant. Goodly bet after all dat nickel and diming you nuh get a proper napkin, a di same tear up tear up thin paper you get.

  5. Trust me when mi tell unnu say it valid. In another life mi did juggle food n mi can tell you when u dont tek gravy out a d curry chicken n oxtail when u a sell dem none nuh lef. What we did was talk small pieces of chicken with the neck or small amount of goat and curry that if u want curry gravy u get out of that n leave the pot alone.

    1. What says you of the one dollar extra cause peas in your rice? Dem too blow wow extra men. I wonder if it was takeout or eat in, dem prolly all have a charge fi takeout containers and cutlery. A dem seh no stone shall be left unturned fi attach a fee to.

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