Kimanee Johnson, 25, a cook of a Kingston address, reportedly attacked the teenager for making disparaging comments about him. He was ordered to pay $40,000 or serve 30 days in jail after he pleaded guilty to assault.

Further to that, Johnson told the court that the teen started troubling him after he saw her washing her underwear at his home and told her not to come back.

According to the police, on October 30 the complainant was at a friend’s home when Johnson went there and accused her of saying bad things about him.

An argument developed during which Johnson punched the girl in her face, pulled a knife and hit her several times in her face.

The complainant held her head down while she was being attacked and Johnson kicked her twice in her face.

People at the scene intervened and pulled Johnson away, but it was further reported that he again attacked the complainant by hitting her in the back of her head.

The complainant later reported the matter and Johnson was arrested and charged.

Last Wednesday when he appeared in court, he told the judge that the teen usually comes to his house for water, but has been bitter towards him since he told her not to return after he saw her washing her underwear at his home.

“From that day, every day she see mi she call mi all sort of things and throw words,” Johnson told the court.

But Johnson also told the court that he was saddened by the situation and the position in which he found himself as he was a good person.

“Mi heart hurt ‘cause mi a nuh dem yute deh weh trouble people,” he told the judge.

He then told the judge that the girl in question was a troublemaker and that her mother and other people in the community would confirm this.

But the judge told him not to try and defend his actions.

“She is not your child. don’t try and justify it. you had no right to touch her,’ she told him before handing down the sentence.

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