A man who admitted to hitting his female friend in her face multiple times with a ratchet knife after she refused his demands for sex was remanded for psychiatric evaluation when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last Friday.

Lundie Beckford, 20, of a Kingston address was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following the attack on his friend.

The court heard that the complainant was home on the day in question when Beckford went there and asked her for sex.

She reportedly turned to him and asked him if he “lose a screw”. He got upset and used the ratchet knife to hit her several times in her face, causing bruises and swelling.

The matter was reported and he was arrested and charged last Wednesday. When he appeared in court he admitted to hitting the complainant while claiming that she was playing him for a fool.

“Why did you hit her; you did not like the answer she gave you?” Parish Judge Andrea Collins asked.

Beckford, who appeared slightly irritated, replied: “She nuh understand harself; she have man a hitch up pon har like mi a idiot.”

The judge then asked his mother if he was “all together upstairs” and she replied: “We don’t know.”

Consequently, the judge ruled that Beckford be remanded for a psychiatric evaluation and will return to court on December 16.

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