The police have just confirmed that two men were shot and killed and two others were injured on Hughenden Avenue in St Andrew, in what the law officers are surmising as a drive-by shooting last night (Thursday).

The names of the men who were killed and those injured have not been released.

The OBSERVER ONLINE reporter on the scene is reporting that one of the men killed was a car dealer and the other is from May Pen in Clarendon.

The two injured men are receiving treatment in hospital.

5 thoughts on “4 SHOT IN HUGHENDEN , TWO DEAD

  1. Many, Many more will have to suffer and many, many,many more will have to die but I know WHY!Jamaica has the worst police commissioner not just in the world but in all of histrie.

    This commissioner has issued a mandate that murders don’t pass 1000.Thus the criminal elements will be stopping at 999,then the eediot and squadies will be patting themselves on the back for a job well done!

    Dear GOD,i pray u deliver Jamaica from these Criminals but plz plz Dear Lord deliver us from tomfoolery aka Dr.Carl Williams.

  2. I know those were shots I heard last night, somebody sure emptied their clip. It was definitely a drive by, because I could hear the gunshots getting closer

  3. Something is definitely wrong in Jamaica bcuz how do these young men get so many guns n gunshots..is this a population control thing? How come’s the police can’t stop the import of guns and we only have 2 wharf in Jamaica..how come is never uptown people with money not getting killed and they r the ones owned most of the business in Jamaica n sending things from all over the world..how comes Chinese business people omw so much things in Jamaica n since that happy our crime rate seems to keep growing..Jamaican people wake up guns n gunshots r very expensive how so many poor people own them n don’t have a job…

  4. Bound to happen sooner or later , a pure bars and semi-clubs mix up with residential living on that road , one bag a waste man and prostitutes hang out pan that deh road, is like a mini back-road.

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