9 thoughts on “40 YEARS OF PORTIA SIMPSON

  1. Happy international Women’s day to all pinkwall Ladies. Nuff Respect Sista P you are the embodiment of strength of a Woman!

    Ladies thanks for all your contributions and the fact is the healing of the nation resides with unno not no rhatid blessed ganja!! :angel :babygirl :peluk :kiss :selamat

  2. How uno suh bbc wicked Portia contributions don’t mek mi laugh, all she did was to bring down the country all fi the sake of power. Parliament need a clean sweep because a bare blood pon dem politician hands but contributiion she was a fail leader that’s why her party men were trying to push out her especially after the when she refused fi do the debate with Andrew. Mi caan think of any prime minister that really and truly made an impact on the country suh don’t dweet. A time limit should be placed on the amount of years they can be in politics, Lisa Hanna is not smart and love to talk but least she was brave enough to face Portia and try run fi leadership. Uno love tek up fi dem when uno don’t even know some of the things they support.

    1. Shutup she is the first female prime minister and only human she pave the way for other women to aspire to break the glass ceiling and lead 1 of the most misogynistic country in the western hemisphere, what she did done do wrong can be used as an example stop kill people joy. Why don’t you run for parliament next time.

    2. Why you nuh guh TRY do whey she do? Or any Prime Minister fi dat matter, since yuh cyaa tink of none! Kmt

    3. Why yuh nuh guh do whey she do? Or any other Prime Minister fi dat matter? Since yuh cyaa see di impact they made on the country. Kmt

  3. You see what I’m talking about? Been hearing bout these pirates ya from mi a pickney. Is like dem tie themselves innna politics, mash up the likkle island. Kmdt.

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