This girl Name Iamofficialskye Right mi hear Seh she and 50cent a link she gone a lead from wah day she a post bare exotic cars and all a dem match the car 50cent have or similar and everytime she post she cover the face with a emoji mi need confirmation from somebody weh know more dan me she been very low key an discreet because the jacket is a custom made jacket so is only a few people have this a New York me come from suh mi kno dat fi a fact

15 thoughts on “50CENT NEW WOMAN?

  1. Skye nuh deh wid 50? she love spotlight. Look if 50 a post she or claim har. This gyal is a groupie from har eye deh a har knee. Nah change nutten but from man to man. Plus she and Rich Rush a bestie suh that will tell who she is.
    Mi feel like a she send in this enuh, yeah psychotic!!!

    1. Right, we all know how PETTY AND LOW DOWN he gets….

      50Cent is nobody.

      Would have more to say if she was fucking Floyd Mayweather the real boss man!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hope she can handle the disrespect that comes from him. This man hate women to another level. Plus 50 been hanging out with Phor from black ink Chicago ex lately.

  3. 50 cent nuh want nobody, all she’s getting is clothes and shoes and when him lef har shi haffi return everything. Yuh nuh si him post seh when dem leave only weh dem carry come dem ago leave wid, all a dem just run dung hype and in the end have nothing to show. Her only hope is to get pregnant to secure the bag but then again, look how he treats his first son and the mother. All of these goldiggers have the same plan, it’s just some are smarter than others, like Kasi, she played the game well and now it’s paying off for her big time, next is ring and baby, not necessarily in that order.

  4. Get pregnant to secure the bag? Some worthless woman. How about getting an education and some skills to the secure the bag. Child support is not for you, it’s for the child. Fellas, be careful who your bussing off in.

  5. Kmt! This chick is nothing but a fame whore, fake social media stunna. How discreet are you if you going to post and put emoji over the person face might as well don’t post at all. If she even a link 50, it’s a fuck and duck case. Them gyal dey nuh have nutten to bring to the table other than pussy

  6. Dah same little gyal yah mi hear sey go Miami fi go fuck the one of the promoter of “Milk and Honey” mi hear sey him drop her like a bad habit and a tell him friend dem sey hair pussy nuh good.p and it never worth it. Disgraceful!

  7. I am Skye is Skye from the show black in crew NY. I thought she was single all this time but good luck to her 50cent.

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