Dear Pastor,
I have a problem. I have three sisters and six brothers. My mother had two children before she married my father. My father had six, and they had two together.
My mother is always cursing my father, calling him a ‘gallis’. My father is 55. most of his friends are women. He said he can’t prevent women from loving him, and if he does not go to bed, they will call him soft.
Sometimes women call my mother and tell her that my father is with them. My mother always tells them to take care of him for her, and they should remember that he has to come home to her.
My mother loves my father. Whenever she talks to him about his wild life, he tells her he is going to stop and start going to church with her, but he doesn’t go to church.
I overheard my father talking to a man, bragging about my mother, saying she was the best woman he ever had. My father does not sleep out, though he comes in sometimes late.
He told us, as children, that a man should always wake up in his own house, on his own bed, and daylight should not catch him at a woman’s yard.
He once went to visit a girl and fell asleep in her bed. When he woke up and went to his car, someone had punctured the four tyres on his car.
The girl’s boyfriend had come to see her, realised he was there and punctured his car tyres, so the girl could not deny she was having an affair with my father.
He went by the girl late, to do his mischief and leave before people in the neighbourhood could see him, but the guy caused everybody to know, because he couldn’t drive off.
If my father had caught him, it would have been war. When my mother heard about it, she did not fuss with him. She laughed for days and my father kept quiet for weeks. My father said every man has a weakness, and his is women. My mother said that she is not prepared to leave him because one day he will settle down.
Dear J,
Your mother is a good woman. She loves this man with all her heart, and this man loves her. It might not appear that way to some people, because he loves other women and is always running around with them. I am sure these women find him to be attractive and fun to be around. Perhaps they are the ones who are giving him money. On the other hand, he could be giving them too. What he is giving them, for sure is sex and lots of it. If he continues that way, he will surely run out of steam.
He has been trying to advise his children not to live the type of life he has been living. He knows he has been reckless and has not set a good example for his children.
On the other hand, his wife has exercise patience and has shown him nothing but love.
Some women would have walked away from the relationship a long time ago but, as the Bible says, Love is patient and kind. However, not all women are so patient and kind, and not all women can endure all things and bear all things.
I am glad your father did not see who punctured his car tyres. What a nasty fight they could have got into.

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  1. Pastor this man is committing adultery n ur talking bout he loves his wife. This is y slackness will never end.

  2. Sometime when mi read di answa from di Pastor mi affi wonda ef him read weh him write. Why dem cyaan come forward an talk di truth??? Di wife is ah nasty low life and ah lame excuse of ah man/husband/father and di mother is ah big dutty enabler and is so bound tuh dis waste man shi caan exist without him, even at the expense of her and her children’s dignity.

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