A seven-year-old boy was allegedly abducted and brutally sodomised yesterday in the Evan Street area of May Pen, Clarendon, reportedly by a 30-year-old man from the community.

The alleged attacker was later held and severely beaten by members of the community.

The child’s mother told THE WEEKEND STAR that the youngster went to a nearby gully to catch fish, when he was tied up, taken to a cave some three miles away and sodomised for hours.

She said after noticing her son was gone for an unusually long period, she went outside and saw a crowd of people coming towards her house with the boy crying uncontrollably. He reportedly gave vivid details and was immediately taken to the May Pen Police Station, then the May Pen Hospital, where he was treated by doctors.

“Parents keep your eyes on your children, don’t let them out of your sight for a minute … it’s not only girls it a happen to, them a rape off the young boys them too,” she said in an impassioned plea.

Was shocked

An uncle of the traumatised boy, who is a grade-one student at a primary school in the parish, said he was shocked when he saw the crowd coming towards him with his nephew crying.

He said upon being questioned, the child described his assailant. An angry crowd went searching for the suspect, who was then seen with one of his brothers. Both men were beaten mercilessly.

“After the people them go up a him house, him and his brother start run, but the people run them down and beat them badly before the police come rescue them and carry them go hospital,” the uncle explained.

Police confirmed that they have received a report of the incident and that the two men have been admitted to hospital as they continue their investigations.

0 thoughts on “7 YO SODOMISED

  1. Good beaten yes, now this is a man who nuh need to be sharing the air we breath with us…Dear Lord, please help that likkle bwoi because him going to have some serious issues ahead. Bring tears to my eyes, Jah know star..

  2. Dem shoulda kill him old duttty johncrow…… U can now imagine how much nightmare the little boy going to have….. Jesus Christ man I feel it to me heart

  3. They really should of killed him bare Handed and pusj stick up him assss.. that would be my swift justice

  4. This is why Jamaica and the batteyman thing nah go work out..This is what has been happening from way back when

    1. A true because if you watch Super Cats interview after the 2013 sting, he said they been had child molesters who rape off the young run away boys. They buy boys snacks and food and pull them in slowly. Thats why the whole a them hate Bounty because he knows that dem a mash up we country and Killa bun dem out on stage. Be gay but go and look your age group and perform your funny thing and leave the innocent youths. A man should make the decision to be gay, no other man should make it for him. When they rape these young boys, they don’t even know what they do to them mentally. He probably grow up and hate his parents, and everybody. Not too mention he might become a child molester just like his abuser. Supposed this nasty man has a STD and infect this child. One time gal would pack bag and gone a Jamaica gone look man fi married and bring up. Have you notice the change? When them come and get the green card them tek time start give truvle then them lef. Man dem love just did want to come a foreign.

      1. Yes dem give the trouble for the green card..get it..go bout dem business and leave jamaica looking bad . Supercat know the things. They used to even try n get the young boys with food..simple ice cream those kinda things..before u know it dem rape dem off and leave them on the road..a that used to happen. Nuff a dem gay for pay..gay because a rape..only a small percentage will claim to have been born that way..although all will but the gay situation in Jamaica is complex

  5. They know the children and this is why you can’t trust anyone. All these deportee used to get screwed in the ass by some big thick yankee batty man in prison, what dem expect going to happen when youu accept these deportee in your community or homes. Most of these child molesters hitch up in the country areas because they have more playground to do their nastiness. Notice how much gay videos are done in bushes. I don’t know how people send their children to stay out there in these times.

  6. Dats y Ben Carson se prison breed di gay ting .. Nuff a den did already in a Dat institution weh den expose and create dem sexual deviance and tek it to another level and heighten wickedness wen den lef prison dem continue and dats y Yu have pluggy and den boy nobody cah tell mi se a nuh so pluggy get expose

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