Subject: dutty gal

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hey met a wha do some gal a hype up and f**k like dog dutty kelisha and har mumma claudette act like them a some people topic nobody dont see you all.kelisha you look like a drag queen you mumma a f**k and suck me man like a dog me naw lie one jankaroo life family.claudette you look like a tranny beagle juice saw him dont want you.a me friend karen juice him want look how me friend sexy and look good. you daughter look like herman monster.har head big like

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  1. So let me get this straight. Beagle juice has a wife but him still deh wid Karen from Tina wigs and beats her on the regular. Now Karen is mad seh him have more woman? So beagle juice new gyal mother a suck your man koki? Unno life waa sawt out!

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