The promoters said they ran out of satellite time because the show started late ..The clash will be available on PPV in a few days :travel kmt


  1. since laing and joe so damn liad and teif dem love keep up the f**kery well we gonna go down to supreme promotion office and tek back we money dem too damn teif and laid

  2. Saw head mad !?!? I’ll say, I think Saw wud have kill her lyrically. But, to behave like a Lego beast and not even give macka diamond a chance to perform w/ out constant interruption and tracing from Saw was RIDICULOUS !!!!

    1. a lie dat caw pon my screen macka get har time fi perform an figet di lyrics..weh saw did fi duh tan up and remine har wat har lyrics was?? aftah a nuh skool dem did deh

      :ngakak :ngakak

  3. met that no excuse for your boy joe big harms house thing me vex after staying up all night to watch some of the f**kry I see lastnight. then clash time an the stream cut off bull shit last year sting never done ontill afrer 8am so that don’t make it the viewing public got a raw deal they strat the show late so they should have make contingence plan if that was the case not buying that bs story

  4. I’m just waking up, and I was pissed to, they could off take back the 10 mins of f**kery 2 chains do and extended Beenie time I would have take that and not be MADD at seeing the clash.

      1. lol…I thought the schedule you had up was precis…lol.

        2014 saw and all de retnobates and leggo beast dem inna dancehall fi get let go!

          1. Bitch of media sey she call har cable company fi refund…lol. De way de schedule set not one minute should have cost any time conflict.

            I can’t wait fi 2014! big up met new year, new case files.

  5. I paid my hard earn cash for the live stream and must say the performances were mediocore and I still did not have the opportunity to watch the clash. With that said, why should I continue to pay for mediocrity???

    The promoters need to compensate us paying customers with something, even if it is the big performances through electronic file or something. But as of now, I will not support Sting until they change up their act.

  6. Them stink like me pay $ 40 already and only see 4hrs of bull who them want to pay again to see the other half, but guess what me done call me cable company already to get back my $40.

  7. They should not do that people was happy to pay for sting without trying to find illegal links to watch for free and this is what we got.

    Not fair on the people who dipped into their pockets to pay.

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