The Ex-cop that plea guilty in California an got four years.

That Shuana the twin from LA baby father. He the one that send the cops to kill Pugu. He also kill Shelly’s (Shuana sister) baby father in Jamaica. South people come talk.

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  1. A MAN who reportedly heads the New World Order gang, which operates out of Southside and Rae Town in the Corporate Area, was killed yesterday in an alleged shoot-out with members of the security forces.

    His death triggered anger and grief among residents who disputed the official reports.

    The victim was 31-year-old Horace Ramsay, better known as ‘Pugu’ or ‘Brown Man’.

    The police, who were concise in their report of the fatal shooting, said a .380 pistol and two rounds of ammunition were seized by a joint security forces team, along with a quantity of marijuana and a motorcycle during the early morning operation.

    But angry residents, who took to the streets and blocked some roads in Southside, claimed that Pugu was in bed in his house on Stevens Lane when a police-military team stormed the premises.

    The residents said shortly after five in the morning, two or three muffled explosions were heard.

    They were later told that the mother of Pugu’s children had been taken out of bed and Pugu killed by members of the security forces.

    “Dem murder the good youth. Dem a killers, and dem can’t claim that there was any shoot-out,” declared a resident.

    “Dem did put him name on the radio say him was a person of interest, and him turn himself in, and dem question him and release him. If him did want, you think him would sleep in him house?” another resident asked.

    The residents, mostly women, described Pugu as an area leader who ensured that they could walk in peace and not be raped in the community.

    Councillor for the Rae Town Division, Rosealee Hamilton, was among those raising questions about the killing.

    According to the police, Pugu was involved in a power struggle for turf in Southside with Marious Davis, otherwise called ‘Bredda- Bredda’, which caused the recent upsurge in violence, especially shootings, in Southside.


  2. Andrew Hamilton only got 4-years? When was this? He plead guilty and get 4 years. Must have given a lot of info to the police to get such a low sentence, since he was dealing with some large quantity of drugs. I wonder if he will have any assets left when he returns to Jamaica and the govenment conficate everything in site?

  3. suh di famous fake dr ooman weh har man seh wi a informah roun ere she nuh hav no story pon dis? caw she nuh did gah tek di plane rite aftah dinnah weh nite :nerd

  4. Lawd met da one yah hot calling all Southie,foster lane,tower street,gold street,highholborn street,Barry street,etc etc come talk up di things.

  5. :tabrakan: :tabrakan: :bingung: :bingung: :shutup: :shutup: :tkp :tkp story coming to bump! Mi did a wonder,a how long b4 light shine on this story!! GOOD MORNING MET,& BLOGGERS! Shrieyl I know you want to talk the things dem but true you can’t “READ & SPELL” you of to wait until your kids reach home fr school! Sheryl we are waiting very patiently!

  6. not swearing fe no man but we always quick to run an call people informer but them never ever catch this man with anyting is people call up the man name al when the man don’t know them. the man be smart an plea guilty to some leser charge instead of go fight the usa government flipa better take a early plea

    1. You sound like you dumb are a nun LA you live! Andrew a wicked boy! Just like how him shoot Shawn’s in a her foot! More to when I leave work!

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