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  1. Oh noooo he waxed his brows?? fiyahhhhhhhhhhh pon a fag! An dem so call badman deh weh a heng out wid em an a bun gays but nah bun out unnuh own camp a undacovah battyman to unnuh luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    mawnin shani :peluk

  2. So all him front him wax aff too! Me ah notice dem ah get more an more haIr-free, some man doa even waa hair roun dem balls or inna dat deh area deh. My yute mussi get da 2 fi 1 special!!

    mornin jmg, met, jmg crew, peepers, bloggers an all, bless-up.

  3. whie there is nothing wrong with woring at wendys, But I honestly thought He was working in some corporate job because of how he show off. smh. His eyebrows look better than mines. lol. I cant with these dancehall people, I just cant.

  4. No shade…those eyebrows are screaming Queen!!!!!! I am all for a man taking care of himself and grroming, but when your eyebrow is perfectly arched more than a woman,,,its going into to Queen territory. I am not ignorant to call you gay or a fag, that’s to predicatable…this eyebrow is very Queenie!!!!

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