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  1. Such a sad day in US history. 13 yrs later and a nation and the world still mourns and remember this day as it was yesterday. #world peace

  2. How can we ever forget,happened here,but it affected all of us :sorry for the families that lost loved ones becaz of these bigoted,self righteous criminals.

  3. Every year this time I get real emotional :sorry we will never forget. May God bless all the families and friends affected and may God Bless this nation.

  4. Such a sad day in history! I can remember this day like it was yesterday.
    It affected us ALL one way or the other. Someone from my job at the time lost her husband. He called and left a voicemail for her and the kids from the plane… Don’t event have worse to describe how I felt… Let alone the coworker who lost her husband!
    My sis was on the 2 train headed to Lower Manhattan that day. We couldn’t reach her and I was SUPER scared! She was pregnant with my niece at the time. She got home late that night as she had to walk from manhattan to BK. Luckily…as God works wonders… She ran into her significant other and they hiked it together. At the time I think $ VANS were still $1 or a little more. These scum bags HIKED the price up substantially instead of keeping the price the same they quadrupled it! In a time of such disaster… I’d expect more compassion!!!!

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