1. He is being honest I here bobette and Trisha don’t talk because he went in Trisha mother house and rob her took all the lady money and things

  2. He use to go school with my son I remember a big incident at the school when he was accused of going in the teachers purse and taking $40. He is a known thief his mother was upset at the teacher saying it was her fault for leaving purse in her desk draw

      1. Met u a ride weh too quick, wait fi mi,but mi only a guh as far as di grocery shop fi a pack a popcorn caz dis is about to be popcorn, and tea fi those who like it day…dwl

    1. :marah Blame the Teacher for leaving her purse in HER DESK DRAWER. You know I think the water from the gully bank rose to high in the Southside……looks like some of the people from that area drank it and ketch Tiefin’ Poison! Robert, her entire family, Booba,Frenchie Bob and countless others!!!

  3. This boy a thief from long time he going to be just like the father.this family have no shame .I here it wasn’t a good day in court for bobby, obeah man a milk her dry

  4. Mi get a pinch other day that feds have robbas as people of interest she pretend to be happy but the news she got is stressing her. I here undercover keep following her and daffy . they blaming it on kerry man say he talking cause daffy was is business with him

    1. Where do they come up with this stuff…..TOLD her she is a person of interest?? In addition she see them tailing her?? And we the Americans of this country is paying for the man power of this foolery for a Kilo or dos??? :tkp
      Poor Jue to speak and have no arrest made…..where’s the proof Jue Bear or is this what informing has come to?

      1. @puertoquanno, move yuh bumbo …!!!! is only Americans who pay tax? bout, ‘We the Americans of this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!… I think it’s time for yuh tuh understand yuhself and also to recognise that, we being Jamaicans ,you, yuh a guh tired feh see we face as yuh caaw get we outa the place, as we are here to stay or until weh get home sick and waa guh home to weh beautiful country. get use to the fact snake inna the grass. yuh come in like the blanco cobra weh ded deh pan deh loose the other day. A bet yuh caw tell meh weh happen to him? you seems to have so much hatred towards us, that the first little chance yuh tink yuh get yuh exhault yuhself and display yuh poisonous mind in your words. Gwea from here (not Met site)yuh nuh seh seh weh a cause yuh wholeheap a distress.

  5. what a mix up so jue nah do him time alone him need fi call Kerry ann name too cause she pawty everynite with r shape bad self.

  6. Why wouldn’t they have shi and Dabbey as “POIs”, wah unu think di FBI wouldn’t see di big old T at the end of di ThietT? unnu need fi gi dem credit..dem patient bad, caz when dem a put u weh dem a try put u weh fi good..suh of course dem wi watch and peep till di tomato well ripe..She need fi change har HP not going to help har..caz God nahnnnnnn sleep, har :cekpm just deh reach

  7. Daffy a lick out pon Jue long time from June get lock up daffy nuh stop talk say juggis have something to do with it if him name call cause he know juggis don’t like him. Juggis have him up cause him did f**k one on juggis gal dem a while back. The girl use juggis money buy daffy shoes when juggis was in Jamaica so it cause problem.

  8. Them too bloodclat lie met bout him thief trica mother money a lie a trica thief the money and spend pon Bobby and her family and the man she a f**k this little boy is no thief

  9. Bobette a try get green card that’s why she run go tell police say she know who kill her aunty a try get all kind of ppl in trouble for stay in America. Bout she know who order hit smh Trying to save herself from the court case she has.

  10. She claim she know who order the hit on her aunt her whole family know they blaming rev because bobette mother say he knew dione was going to die and never warn her. If rev never chat that dione point out enemy she would still be alive bobette mother say.

  11. Bobette when the sweep a gwan just know you going down to cause you think ppl don’t know you was transporting the coke too. That’s why you not shame when ppl talk bout your thiefing cause you want everyone think that is all you do. If you never open your mouth none would know that Kerry was transporting.they was warned not to involve you because you chat too much

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