Symone Green, a 22 year old substitute teacher for Options Charter School in Washington DC has been accused of having sex with a 17 year old student in a classroom.
Green met the student , a football player and office assistant when he was sent to help her in an English class she was teaching. The teen reported to police that he started flirting with the teacher and gave her his number , later that day they began exchanging messages.
In one of the messages the young man said he asked Green if she was kinky, to which she replied, ‘I don’t tell[;] I show”.

The teen was said to have recorded the sex act that happened behind the teacher’s desk at the end of the day and showed the video to his childhood friends. Sources report that he asked the teacher to perform fellatio on him the same number of times as his football jersey.
News reached the school’s administration who then reported the Child And Family Services Agency and The Metropolitan Police Agency. Greene has been charged with first-degree sexual assault against a minor in a significant relationship. She has pleaded not guilt to the charges


  1. @ cc.a dat me a say to enuh.cause every day me would a tell mama say me a stop fe extra study.that u call higher learning.

  2. Only in america which youth a ja would be getting head from a teacher and talk. That the second case I’ve heard since week .smh

  3. This bwoy get the chance of a lifetime and chat.. u know how much teacher baggy me see a school, and just wish me could a squeeze da pums dem.kmrct

  4. Plead guilty :bingung She nuh knoe seh di minor tape har, she ah guh prove seh is not fi har sucking motion dat??? Dat skank was dry and extremely thirsty. Which 22 year old inna dem right mind (1) suck ah 17 year old hood, (2) on di first day, (3) and pon di job? She violate dem three suckings code deh, dat gyal is a threat to all things normal..:travel

  5. First day ah school, what a welcome. But dem teachah yah nowadays a gwan bad man, is like a next one pop up every week to baxcovah. A how dem suh tusty why dem can’t mek di pickney dem guh larn wah fi dem fi larn and dem teach wah dem fi teach and find a big man outah road? Wah mi find strange is that a pure female teachers and or assistants doing this shite here,or becaz di young gal dem not reporting it?. smdh.

    1. bwoii she dumb as hell to..wid di txt msg..ah dem people a teach di youths dem nowadays no wandah some a dem a galang suh. A hope none a dem nuh walk gainst my kids, caz jah know..

  6. Sum gal ah “Buddyist”. Dem bow down infront of any and all buddy and at all any cost. Dem nuh partial. Grey one, young one, old one, Black, Indian, and even if it cost dem dere freedom or dere job. Ah suh it go butI wouldn’t want that to happen to my son.

  7. I feel bad for Symone. A 17 year old isn’t a child. It seems like he just wanted to ruin someone’s life by secretly recording the act. And if we wanna to pretend that this grey back 17 year old is a child then I hope he gets charged for distributing child pornography since he made sent the video to his friends who are minors as well.
    Yes she should be fired but this was not sexual abuse. She’s 22 he is 17. At 17 you can join the US military. Also if he committed certain crimes they would forget about any minor bull and seek to charge him as an adult

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