Dis is fe de commentators JMG
Yes de niece did call police pon de pu**yhole but de whole family tun pon de gal and nuh stap pressure har fe drap it because dem wah hold up dem goodas name,an tru a she one wid no backative, she end up haffi drap it. D modder neva live in de UK, is a family funeral she come last year an hear de argument. So she lef weh she live an come back to de UK. She try fe get de dutty stinking breddah lock up but de daughta stress out wid how de family a gwaan and don’t want to pursue it…so de modder a walk and scandal him dutty raas so people can be aware of de kind a person him be an she want de whole a Birmingham fe know seh him a peodophile an family ram.

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  1. Sender thanks for the update, keep working hard.
    If you have a number or address for Sticks, please to send it. I am going to ask him to confess and turn in himself. If you don’t have any; a picture would be highly appreciated. As people like me could put a name to the face and circulate to others and clearly you know the wonders of social media.

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