Mi need a real man r woman whose interested in being with me I live in London my name is Stacy greatness Dior n u can find me on dingtone whatsapp Skype Facebook instagram tango u name it just join to b the 1
Thank you

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  1. Michelle greatness from Queens/Cockburn pen little family a wha now? Foo fah man she a tek cause dis a sikes

  2. The bitch that made this post is just a big waste, u no see say Stacy no have time for you she too busy with your baby father that’s y you try spread rumors about her and her family, bitch get a life. Him no want you

  3. Jealous gal weh make the post get your facts str88888 Stacy no rub crutches nor is she bisexual u just mad because the two of you have the same baby father and she get more attention than you,. You run go married him to hold onto him and you still a loose . Tek a seat my girl and join the line

    1. But d 2 a dem travel so d wife must a get some attention 2 plus if him neva love d wife him wouldn’t married to her while Stacy pregnant

  4. A buy Stacy by the man caz she teif all weh nuh deh a England fi hold him n mi hear seh him n the wife still deh if him neva want the wife him wouldn’t breed har again so when Unuh ago throw stone throw it on both sides

  5. Unuh nuh know wah tek place unda sheet n behind closed doors she fi stop mine man n go look a life caz she cah c man n him family n wah go between n the man get married to him woman when she breed so obviously there was something

  6. Backside unuh nuh c the clown post the baby pic on her profile a send bday greetings dwfl dats y mi seh stop throw stones Stacy stop weh yah do caz it nah wear

  7. No a joke dis dwfl ppl ppl ppl plz don’t talk weh Unuh nuh know caz da story yah global lolstop bash d wife caz a d low life bitch wrong Stacy a nuh body Stacy walk n F**k n mine man fi hold man n at least d Gyal earn har status but in the end a buy d bitch a try buy hers Stacy fi stop walk n mine man n go earn a status n c weh she stands caz fi throw partner fi man nah wear a pussy pension a sweet who theif like da bitch deh a England n twig pure cheap brand dwfl Gyal when yah teif u fi lick weh ppl food haad caz yuh fi tek dare tings instead a £5 clothes lol

  8. Mek big pussy Stacy move n gweh weh walk n F**k everyman till she can’t even find har daughta fadda but fool d man deh would a fool fi wife up a ting like she smfh weh day when d wife d deh a ja wid har good good man she cuss everyday n seh how she nah send nuh more money fi him finish build nuh house him fi go mek him wife finish it caz him up n down wid him good up wife all ova n mek ppl a laff afta har n a bet yuh seh when she send d wack d man spend it pan d wife so Unuh can stay deh a pay d bitch pay fi attention caz she a build big mansion put him in a n har house nuh propa plus she cah stop d wife from go deh damn clown a she need fi go look a life n sit d F**k down

  9. The wife n the mate a buy the man. What a thing. Is like man nuh work n take care of woman n them kids anymore. Lol

    1. If u know this situation u wouldn’t even say dat caz Stacy nuh give the wife nuh chance fi buy not even as much as a sweetie if yuh nuh mine sharp Stacy a support all the wife to rass dwfl caz a she support the kids what a ting

    2. Yuh mean Stacy nuh give d man time fi work caz she buy him haad when d wife did deh a Jamaica d man had to work n trust me him did mek she stay home n tek care of the kids n spend pan har n it look like a dat Stacy wah but instead a d other way around caz she tun him in a stay @ home father lol mi wish mi did crazy enuff fi treat a man so while me out deh a risk my life n a teif all weh mi nuh c n a sell F**k

  10. Big up stacy them a wear the title but a you a the wife. Enjoy your vacation. Stacy them can’t stop yuh

    1. Yuh sound hurt though like u a 1 har squattas lol a mysery she gone to caz she affi go stress fi send on the money worst d house nuh done yet

    2. U weh a comment probably don’t have a steady life yuh self n yah nuff up a bet seh a har fren dis weh d man nuh stop breed up ooman pan har r she go Jamaica fi find man n dem just F**k har tek weh dem can get n dump har

  11. Listen up ppl I was there from the rass start December 2009 from Stacy meet him when shenelle gone a America. Shenelle find out say him have a new woman and there she start stress she run go marry him because she nor want no one else to have him. Stacy nor mind him at the end of the is her baby father so u a help him she is in a better position den him. All u who say when Shenelle the wife was at Jamaica he was working and she stay home with the kids that a f**king lie first she was no kids yet shenelle have him first child and just after one or two months after the baby born when to America so wat kids was she staying at home looking after she did only have her son from a different man that time. Shenelle just vex cause him nor want her mi friend pussy a hold him gooooood, is not the money shenelle go look a life

    1. Bomboclat da Gyal yah hurt bad lol a the $ she use a nuh pussy else him wouldn’t Stoll a F**k d wife dwfl clown n a d man $ married d Gyal fool Stacy mine him to the max caz dats all she do walk round n F**k n mine man till dem dump har weh fi har baby fadda deh r d man from towerhill weh run har afta him get fi him house n him life on track lol

  12. Big idiot stop chat shit n tell them seh a left mi left yuh y yuh no stop trouble stacy. Shenelle stacy a better woman fi yuh n stop call yuhself wife cause it no fit yuh

    1. Rassclaat a must a faggot a reply to dis r Stacy caz a cah a man a reply n a seh dis caz him must a suck Stacy pussy fi a seh dis to rass r him love d like no man my yute b a man if a u n if a Stacy earn status n stop cheat it

  13. Dwrl bomboclarth mi proper a hurt up that gal yah head, desperate shenelle anno nothing if me a mine mi bbyfada mi suppose to cause a me help done him money bitch wen mi just meet timeko 30,000 straight inna mi hand n him no know if me a man r woman next trip mi come a ja big bloodclarth diamond ring n if mi mek too much noise him draw fi di bankcard n gi mi NCB n JN rinse it out to zero so mi suppose to mine him. Yuh fi thank god fi him cause if a never him u wudda still inna the slum n a sleep pon kiyaw mattress n u wuddnt reach a foriegn n mi no see yuh only wen yuh f**k see mi mi see yuh uncomfortable bitch insecure gal sort out yuh life n low mi mek mi live mi life anno ur money mi spen so stop watch me n mi fren dem. Ps mi nah stop
    f**k him so get use to it r go kill yuhself bitch y

    1. Stacy not a ting weh yuh seh cah jerk me caz we all know a u just post like a timeko plus when yah go talk bout bed talk bout yuh self caz when u sit dung pan yuh bed yuh knee in a yuh chest u n yuh 1 pink sheet n yuh tv deh pan chair a Sid dung next ting ring yuh cah show it $ dat a the least caz mi spend all weh mi nuh c plus urs n even if yuh spend him $ so what caz look how much yuh invest now dwfl mi tink yuh seh a ur man but guess what yah go stress to death caz him nah lef Stacy when yah go seh uncomfortable check yuh self caz rmbr when timeko meet yuh a sorry him did sorry fi yuh caz d Bwoy a towerhill do yuh bad fi how much tings yuh do fi him a Kerry tell mi everything lol mi nah go stoop to dis caz yah waste just tell mi how mi pussy taste when yuh reach dwfl n ask yuh baby fadda wah dat mean dwfl mi pussy sweet nuh F**k n a regular yuh clean up d taste bitch caz dats yuh job so go do likkle home work n come back Stacy yuh a nuh body n a should a worst Dan dis yuh get so gwan tink a me a bash yuh …..mi pussy 2 sweet bitch n mi want yuh continue taste it n mi wah d atm continue rolling lol

  14. Stacy go clean up yuh house n change yuh sheets n den clean up yuh pussy caz a pure pussy pic yuh send him when mi deh a ja n a me get dem caz mi have him fone a yuh pussy Eva bushy n full a hair bump yuk n rmbr a wah day yuh go ja n give him a nasty infection n him affi a tek pill weh bigger Dan him cocky a him tell mi seh a u dwfl

    1. Mi nuh have nuh time fi argue pan dis n beat up mi chest like u caz yah internet bad Gyal caz when mi buk yuh yuh Eva a run n hide #badlikedat

  15. Shenelle you kno mi infect him as you say but the other day when u deh a jamaica u did a suck him hood thou dwl. Yes bitch suck off mi infection. Smh

  16. You lucky a pics alone you see. Him tell him everything bout you n yuh nasty mother. Can’t clean n ditty like

  17. Stacy mi lef suck hood to u…n nuh talk bout dat caz infection cah reach me caz yuh keep both of us dry n clean dwfl Stacy yah nuh body gwan bitch n go taste mi pussy like u always do…first of all if me ago suck a man cocky him affi suck my pussy bitch

  18. Yuh dutty madda always a beg. Shenelle how much stuff u bring down fi him? Dwl n go down n spend off all of yuh income tax money dwl lol.

  19. Smfh all a long a u a mek yuh post dem n a chat fi ppl ting yah somebody smfh yuh lonelyn sad bad caz yah fi build tings fi look like somebody smfh caz

  20. Dwfl a dat alone him tell yuh n ask him dat question caz when yah go talk talk bout how yuh clean out England probably all 10 barrel deh a warf now wid furniture fi furnish d house ask yuh bby fadda bout $ lol Stacy yah idiot come wid something better Dan dat minot even ago get mrs pig involve caz a nuh fi har ting dis….Stacy yuh deh deh fi clean har nastines internet bad Gyal…how much ppl yuh lef a bawl dwfl sticky fingers Stacy yuh teif till yuh teif milk out a coffee when h&m n gap lock down mek mi c weh yah go do dwfl Stacy yuh nuh have nuh life

  21. Him cah tell u shit bout my madda caz him nuh ramp fi dis up yuh faggot bredda n yuh bore tongue sista weh u n har clean dung England Stacy Mrs piggy mi nah start pan caz she neva seh noting to mi yet but talk how much ppl put rejected stamp pan u yuh coming like the paper weh mi flush afta mi done wipe mi ass

  22. Stacy yah talk bout $ when while mi deh a ja fi get likkle attention yuh send $ all 2 times fi do week n weh it go lol everytime yuh send it a me n him collect dat dats y yuh use to text n chat a bag a tings bout him up n dung wid me every weh fi ppl laff afta yuh dwfl Stacy a me n him collect dat n a dat we spend when we deh deh so mi neva have no reason fi touch my $ clown d last $ yuh send a it we go British link up wid go floss like stars dwfl

  23. Shenelle talking bout reject if im a rejected bitch y yuh bbyfada yuh husband love mi so n just a stick to mi like so all wen a mine mi a mine him fi him stay it a work cause bloodclarth stacy tattoo pon him shoudler not low life shenelle. If yuh wah get know dng use me to try gdt known bitch cause I will tell u again dng use me to sedk attention. No man cah leave me me leave them bitchget yuh fact straight boy a tower hill a dead over a mi like how yuh bbyfada a dead over gud up gud me. See ure a sick bitch stalkering me n my family thats yuh know so much omfg never know a so yuh all up in my life shenelle yuh no see seh yuh sick n yuh mek timeko cocky a mad yuh u actual go to bed with me on ur mind n wake up with me on yuh mind cant u see bbe I dnt notice low life so pls if im all does things u say I am gucking leave cause I shuddnt be a treat to u thats u of to keep taking notice of me stop watching me n mi family n sort out yuh life time yuh sidung

  24. Bitch atleast anything we do we nan hide n do it cause yuh hide n suck cocky unddr sheet. Video coming soon bitch a talk bout cocky suckinb n she a hide n suck cocky under sheet sorry s never mi bbyfada cocky yub did a suck fi him dirty bitch beford yuh suck fi him yun gone america gswn suck off a next gal pussy juice pussy n cocky mouth shenelle..

  25. First n foremost a yuh “bbyfada” talk d tings dem n all slaughter yuh to mi plus d Bwoy a towerhill actually find mi on fb to send me message bout u n how him do yuh plus Kerry told me a lot so I didn’t have to waste my time to seek about u caz ppl just come up caz ur a low ass bitch dat walks around n dash yuh pussy all ova Stacy mi tiad fi tell yuh how d Bwoy a towerhill tell mi how him do yuh so how him a bad maybe him just miss weh yuh use to give dwfl on to yuh “bbyfda” how much time mi c him text yuh n seh him just wah get weh him want caz him nuh want nuh relationship bitch ur a clown toilet paper dem UAE yuh just like how dem use dem toilet papaer yah mek a trip n bet yuh seh if yuh nuh ship 1 barrel r bring d wack him nuh dart on yuh dwfl Stacy a dat ketch him n rmbr mi seh noting nuh last long dwfl who could a mad ova a reatardted looking think like u weh yuh knee smaller dan yuh ankle Stacy go pave off yuh body caz it full a pot hole n go iron out yuh shrivel belly dwfl

  26. Stacy ask yuh “babyfada” how yuh taste mi pussy n a last night him admit it seh yuh scrape him cocky often…yah worry bout me n weh me do bitch get a life stop walk n fling yuh pussy everywhere n stop walk n theif

  27. I’m so damn important to u yuh all wah add mi to yuh social sites enjoy bitch mek mi c how much yah go teif lata

  28. To be honest ure not worth my time fame yah look n mi no wah help mek no low life gain fame so bitch hop off n go talk to yuh man if yuh have a problem cause if yuh did gud like yuh seh him wuddnt f**k pon yuh inna di first place shenelle yuh no see seh yuh sad cause look weh yuh bring yuh business trying to get ppl to justify yuh life fi yuh on nobody no care. Yuh need to find a hobby n stop all up inna mi life cause a pussy mi have n a cocky mi seh straight cocky inna mi gud gud pussy weh yuh man love abaay n nah leff just f**k di man if yah f**k di man n stop have issue wid me cause mi stop yuh f**k n u cah stop mine nah stop f**k yuh gud up man weh nah leave me fi no batty licker cocky cleaner gal cause all yuh is is just a f**k now nah tell him no tek di pussy from yuh if yuh fool enuff fi gi all e

  29. Im not gonna sit n argue wid u over where yuh get info caude mi dun know weh yuh get it from stalker n as fi dash out pussy everywhers guesx yuh never research properly bbe before yuh bbyfada I was in my long term relationship with mi first bbyfada n then met the bwoy in tower nill n mi leff him cause he was too childish n then yuh f**king bbyfada come along n as gi shrivel belly mi gud gud bring life stripe to show fi mi gud gud beautiful kids dem bbe dnt bring looks inna this cause yuh dnt look gud mi have it all cute no bloodclarth n body in tock stop watch mi cause mi no f**k woman hi

  30. Bloodclarth a 2 man outta a 3 weh mi eva f**k tattoo on my name who ever do that fi u none a bbyfada them gud gal stacy yuh gud no bloodclarth school girl, ignorant low class bitch low mi come offa mi mek mi prosper

  31. Anyways check status n earn status straight…don’t tell me tell who a dun yuh infected Stacy a u run up in a ppl caz nuh body nah look @ u yuh blind look how far yuh affi find a man how much miles away dwfl something is wrong go fix yuh self n stop try fix me bitch stop teif now n go look a job stcky fingers a buy yuh buy relationship Stacy caz yuh low n insecure like dat bitch

  32. Come again add u to my social network fi wah afta yah no somebody if yuh aint money yuh no mek sense cause yuh cah better my life u actually get kicks from doing stuff like this cause if u didnt u wuddnt be spending most of yuh time posting things n f**king messaging me n my frens u need to star in one of them CI program obsessive pussy stalkef cause to me it seem like a mi pussy yuh yah run mi down fi clean up but no thanks cause mi f**k ooman

  33. Stacy yah idiot a $ do dat lol…anyways nuh have time fi u nuh more go look a life n a job mi ago rest up fi work in d am

  34. A Stacy greatness Dior own she nuh know bout shave caz she 2 busy a check out my life lol she need fi bus d hair bump on har busy 2 r go pluck d hair out deh she stay bad nuh rass dats undue full up a infection pike when crab full a shit

  35. Stacy y u mad caz yuh pussy nuh sweet like mine dwfl Stacy rmbr a me seh clean pussy first dwfl tank cleaner yuh si in d pic how yuh nuh stop stick out tongue dwfl the stiff tongue pic mi like caz mi like when yuh tongue gets stiff down there lol anyways ur so insecure u posted things like ppl defending u plus posted comment using timeko name dwfl get a life Yow…y yuh nah sleep a how much a clock now dwfl r yuh 2 stress fi sleep heartache ago kill yuh

  36. U shud know shenelle cause yuh tongue alway up inna mi a clean it see u y wud I an as fi thief anno nothing thief n look gud no rass u need to try it cause all wen yuh work yuh cah look r n mi no see yuh fi show yuh how yuh life shallow gi yuh till friday n see a who see who wen di man run yuh yuh put up something about me like a my fault yuh time expire yuh fi know wen fi delete yuhself man

  37. Gi who until Friday when mi just tell mi seh him ago get warrant fi u caz yuh post video n him wah yuh leave him alone dwfl Stacy yah run go ja Friday fi get attention lol Stacy when ppl seh look good yuh deh far from it dwfl him more fi run d big pussy Gyal which is u caz a so him Eva a style yuh dwfl goto ur miserable n uuncomfortable trip bitch…yuh post video on fb like pplcan beat mi yuh just mad caz yah go way a yonda fi a man n mi can get any man mi want stop comment like a ppl a comment n timeko seh him neva comment insecure bitch dwfl

  38. This is why young man call females bitch n hoes. Low self-esteem females with nothing to do but argue with each other n spend there hard working money n guys without a job. But guess what that say? Him look nice, he takes me out with my hard working money.lol females these days r so low n shameless its crazy. N when its all over the guy moves on with his life.smh better choices.

  39. Y Stacy y? Is it that hard to keep a man to the point ur doing so much come on now shake up n smell the coffee a modern time now n as to the wife u should b happy a burden lift from u caz it’s seems like u have things easy n don’t let that insecure bitch hurt up ur head caz dats all bitches like her does walk around n control ppl with their money go b happy n live ur live n leave that bitch Stacy to meet her day caz the man will do her just the same

  40. The ones that always lash out on ppl always turn out to b the biggest freaks n I know me personally If I was suppose to suck a man dick I know he will have to b sucking my pussy n it’s modern n civilized time now so I don’t think ppl should b lashing out on ppl like that anymore…whoever made dat last comment probably hurt the fact that he’s not getting his dick sucked but wait 1 day by will

  41. Dick sucking n pussy sucking becomes the norm now so dats nothing don’t hate caz ur dick nah get suck lol

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