I don’t know what this girl gets out of faking to the public like she is a celebrity and everyone wants to know who is in her life. Like this dude she keeps talking about. A friend said its all made up. Apparently , he is a nobody . the facts are : He is broke, he looks like 40 something but is 23 or so. She is older than him, she always complain to her so called friends about him, he watch her like a hawk , dude has no job, heard he got kicked out of the army,they’re two couch potatoes! she admit she dont give a sh*t about him ,they live in some hillbilly bush town on a hill in south Carolina, ol dude parents helps with rent. So I was surprised when someone showed me how this chick posing showing hands together like she into him. Well she has no choice now but to own him, her Stephen has a wife material Model gf now, neither him or those other guys was not gonna put a ring on it so she figured, what the hell. She find some idiot she forced to marry her. Another thing, dont you think if this mf was giving her LV bags and designer anything she would post it by now? No one wants to know who he is, all she good for is to evoke curiosity from dumb people who dont know the truth. Thats her audience ! So all the Forever 21 cheap boot and clothes is she have to buy it. And they FREE weave that she get, talking bout $500 worth of weave coming in mail. She and him dont even make that amount combined for the month! Only thing this new man buy her is Starbucks and burga. Lol When she get louboutin is a man me hear fly her out n she did some disgusting nasty things to get it . This chick go through nuff!!!! She come a long way , she use to borrow loni clothes and makeup, Obviously her friends come back and talk everything, even the wedding picture was seen. Her friend carelessly was drunk at a party in kgn late last year and showed it to some people and bwoy when I see it I couldn’t believe!! They were in some broke down chapel . hot gal stoosh lauren !!! He is so unnatractive, big headed bald his neck hangs and looks like a piguin forced himself in a tuxedo!in her like short white frock next to him. He is the pale skin kind of what man that cant tek sun! Yuck! Could not believe is this she go find. That’s why she shame to show him or his face . The comments on her page say it all ! No wonder she obsess over david beckham, she has to wake up next to that shrek everyday !! She should stay off social media and sort her business out and help him find a job and get her papers. She is the kind of chick will jump to anyone for a meal ticket my bredrin run a popular club in new kgn and said she was forcing up herself to him ! Nobody no into this chick, she will be in her room doing nothing at all and tweet out shit like ” im out having filet mignon its so good” lying scum. The likkke room box wey she did rent, was kept poorly and nasty ! Clothes and dutty plate everwhere, and bed neva spread, same thing she do now a farrin. Dance a yadd my ass! U man ago beat you! When Kingston get boring she usually go mobay and ochi go hunt!!! She pass thru all of them , No man no left in Jamaica.


  1. Senda tek time wid har…maybe di hot stoosh gyal ah try out new tings….like di bruk dung white husband weh jobless an live inna di hills of South Carolina…:travel

  2. Lawks Lauren get read out tidday tidday yah. Well she said she into white man, suh ah guess any white man will do….suh shi shouldnt hab no issues here.

  3. Is long time this chick a Gwan up with her things from Jamaica. I remember seeing her at a party in Kingston before she run off a farrin. Always itch up round the white man them !
    I doah tink this girl know say she black. That’s why her daddy no own her. Her sister come out brown and she black that’s why she hate her . lolll

  4. Woyy tha story ya make sense and answer it all fi true. She na live no life a farrin so she a try make the pple den tink him a some big time CEO.he is just some regular broke white man. YES them exist! Wow and to fine out di truth! This smaddy ya know her lines man. Cum een pon di discussion sender Yuh know more! Me notice it fi true. Things so bad she start a sew her own clothes pon utube. This bitch don’t even boil a plate a rice to save her life. Now she tun sewing Martha Stewart ovanight? . A bare Starbucks it look like dem nyam lol

  5. Lauren a nuh nuh badi! A talk shit bout she nuh believe inna love from mi hear dat mi kno the gyal up to sumting nt to mention d white man a Mobay weh u did affi tek d express bus fah every weekend or the Ada cah hav a man weh drive and u a tek bus #Itdontlookgood

    1. Everybody is somebody…even Lauren. I don’t know who she think she is fe you nor me…but none the less…she is somebody :nerd

  6. I can tell u why she don’t believe in love. She had to s*ck and f*ck her way through life since she was young. She has no emotions to anything or anyone! She is a blank canvas and has nothing to offer. No skills other than moving her tongue piercing around a man’s shaft. How does her so called white nigga feel when he can google and find this shit abt her. I don’t buy It !! Can you sayyy ! Sluttt !

  7. Ah Marsha Robinson mek me know the T bout this girl. Them no stop chat har inna di shop, she and har invisible man weh she shame fi show. Me naa lie, me fraid a that saloon cause as customers step out marsha and har workers start chat them. The funniest things is marsha gwan like she and Lauren a BFF!!!! these bitches are craaazzzyyy! SMH

      1. Yes Met, I don’t know Lauren personally but I can tell u just by going to that shop me know the full 100 bout har , me coulda tell u when she a get married, what she wore , where she got married, the purpose of the whole “marriage”, when she leaving ja, who inna fi man family weh no like har cause she blk and the list goes on and on. I must say Mariah is a good hairdresser but har mouth a guh be har downfall inna life. When mi see how Lauren promote har shop on Social sites so ppl can know bout marsha talent and fi hear how marsha just a chat the girl business me haffi smh. Not to mention how she chat har customers!!! Me say if me no have company me naa go deh cause she fraid them chat me if me go outside fi tek a lil smoke. It reach the point weh me say no sah, mi mus can find a different hairdresser cause me neva feel comfy. All I know can say is Lauren better becareful cause ppl wicked enough to call and tell immigration what’s up, never know a so much hate har. Sad.

  8. Look ere ! My sistren friend went to Miami and met this older guy saying he likes her , but hear this the man tell the girl the whole pine tree about Lauren that they had “somthing ” a fling sort a thing. When me dig further to find out this man use to fly out Lauren and she suck him Cuz he said they can’t sex Cuz him too old. She would oral him and in return he bring her to the mall , not to buy nothing big Cuz the chick say him stingy. So it would be Victoria secret and department stores. Oh this man is in his early 80’s or so ,him did all meet Loni when them come and meet him with some more of her friend dem and chiney mix girl wey race car. who knows. The girl say he likes to have lots of girls at his place and regular to. Me sayyy them gal ya..

    1. Go deh now anuh stingy him stingy. A tru him know dem cheap and frighten for the least so him no see the need to spend no bag of money. Dem gal yah nuh easy at all smh

  9. Look ere! The tea time is serve. Me sistren friend met this man in Jamaica that they meet up fly out to Miami. Now it turn out this man tell the girl him and Lauren used to deal on a sexual level, this old man is nearing early 80’s he claim tht he would have her come dere and she suck him and perform hours of oral on him Caz him to old for sex Cuz of some condition him have, in exchange him bring hard go Victoria secret or department store. Cuz him stingy she say, and she keep asking┬áhim a so him talk out Lauren the escorts business. He said she has brought a few of her friends to his place, when she an Loni did tight , she and this chimney gal wey race car and a next chick go the house. Evry girl this man meet from jm him talk say him and lauren hit it off. She say him scornful and smell raw! Woii u hart strong eeh Who knows what them into! But the way how the girl explain it when she was there he didn’t mind lots of her girlfriends there. All a Darrin this gal run like local whore. It shameful.

    1. Hours of oral sex??????????????? So that explains why Lauren’s jawbone suckeen and mawga suh…that elderly man aught to be ashamed of himself, haven that poor girl child do all ah that sucking for nothing…that is a crying shame :hoax2

      1. Yeppy mi question di “hours of oral” as well. It nuh earthy possible fi suck ah old 80-odd year old dead hood fi hours. Ah nuh like it ago come to life. Is only a mad smady woulda do dat, cah all ah weh dem seh, dem still nuh seh shi mad. :hoax

  10. This girl demented and crazy she all up Inna dry foot Marsha shop a talk her business . she friend sista say him name Brandan. Her friend say who Lauren and her man …” A so the name Slip out , she hold her mouth quick. Boy dem gal ya mouth run like pipe when u GI dem two drinks a wan party all story buss out. Town gal no easy when dem wah force up in a VIP Lolll .

  11. How is this chick saying that she has a gorgeous nose !! girl do you see how big that nose is on your face. ? it is so unbalanced talking about thank her grandfather for the nose wait you forget your father and skip straight to your grandfather.yoooo this daddy issue chick is crazy lol fayva any donkey calf. Face long laka wah broom. Go clean u man house bout u a sew this sew that , *struuuurps

  12. :bingung: :mewek So him really look like penguin inna tuxedo. Lolll. I’ll be waiting to see that picture, pay any money to see it like a circus act!
    Lol where is that hot man Stephen with perfectly straight teeth. Lol. She is so hung up on him she went and tattooed love isn’t real or sum shit on her big donkey thigh. You know I think this heaur is a hybrid 14 yo boy on steroids. Yasssss honey your a tranny like Amiyah aren’t you. Hahaaa

  13. Unnu mind unnu meck Lauren commit suicide yaaa man , u see whey mi mean when mi say fi more than one person know something it’s no secret ahhhhh bwoyyyyy

  14. BABA stands for :” Big , awkward , Broke , ass. “. Nigga
    Psycho bitcxh Lauren are u phucking baba with your strap on dildo again .?
    Is that why u buy so much celery to experiment. Boy unuh shopping basket look empty, $20 worth a food and a u a pay fa. Loll no meat no in there or hard food to cook. Poor ting . She names all her men, Steven did name cookie , well look how that cookie crumbled .

  15. This tuff jawbone gal must shame now. Lauren u must start collect charity cuz me hear say immigration lost u papers my friend is immigration . Look from when she pop married and have goodbye party with the big face fren she par wid in kingston . Save yuh $5 items bout u a do give away. Go find u paypas,!! She will do whatever to stay relevant and broke no rass . No sawh! Come offa Instagram . Cuz u illegal uppa farrin, cool yuself you bringing attention to yourself and asking for trouble. She don’t know once them know the state she live in she is screwed! Keep send out giveaway!! Fool

  16. Miss met somebody need to run Marsha robinson rass file yuh think that gyal easy . Send out a alert a fi har time now frigging wicked !!!

    1. TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! Marsha is a wicked bitch,wid fren like dem u dont need enemies. People fi stop g a har shop

  17. Someone go ina har shop few weeks ago and bay pink wall dem talk bout in dere.It bad when someone has a talent and cannot be professional wid it. People go ina di shop and say dem nah go back because of har mouth if u is a hair dresser that is what it is there is no way people supposed to kak up ina salon a chat people so day and night she need a revival. As one person step out so dem become di topic of conversation. It is not good spiritually or physically because u cannot be going on someone’s crown and a chat dem. The head is head of our spirituality and if someone go ina u head and a chat n nuh like u , your life will not be ok..It is as simple as that but the funny thing bout that also …so she chat dem and it mess up dem life a so it go right back to her ..just because she is doing their crown. You have a business keep it professional

    1. Dats why ah no any an any body you fi put inna yuh head. Some people ah crosses and dem musn’t have dem hand inna yuh crown. Mi twist mi own natty, cah mi nah deal wid di vipers dem.

  18. This chick is so dumb . as day light she start promote Marsha going NY . yes mam Gwan fatten up Marsha pocket so she can siddung and chat you more. Lol

  19. this is true…et a man on skype off the website travel girls said he dated a jamaican girl lauren who hadda tv show…he said she was going crazy over louboutin at the time so she suck and f**k and all cook ill the day she bout to fly out him buy her the shoes

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