0 thoughts on “-_- FISHY AFTA WHA?

  1. yu can tell se LEROY deh roun fi a long time wid at least four bby mada..and him a go dance before Dennis Brown locks

  2. Nothing nuh fishy bout him more than him face big and look like it a gather water ,give him a ice pack fi him big face ,and if its you in the picture beside him your face big too, stop come pon this site with garbage, Yuh hear!

  3. i know him, dont like him, im act hype, mussi true him drive a YES2 YEAR benz…senda iffa u in the pic…i guess u r his wife…because hes MARRIED… all he like to do is chat ooman, and undress them with his eyes, hes really creepy…and who the fck want him..affa him no mek u say ..WOW…KMRT…

  4. Why would his wife want to know if he is a fish ?. more than likely is somebody who he has spurned is asking the question.

  5. I tink di Senda is a man who waan approach di man but him nuh waan di man bus a shot unda him raas so him a check fi si if it safe.

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