Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter
***While I understand that some may find pictures distasteful, it brings the focus of crimes committed against woman in Jamaica to the forefront of things. The cycle of domestic violence is vicious and the effects are that of a vicious robbery as what Ms. Rainford’s children are forced to deal with for the rest of their lives. There are no provisions for abused women in Jamaica’s society.***

The circulated photographs of the headless body of 34-year-old Karen Rainford, the woman who was viciously beheaded in Mountain View, St Andrew, on Sunday have left many upset.

Yesterday, the Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA) advised people to stop circulating the pictures over social media. The office said it received reports that the pictures were being shown to Rainford’s children.

Rainford’s babyfather, who is accused of the beheading, remains at large up to press time last night.

It is reported that Rainford was killed about 2:10 a.m. a few metres from her house off Mountain View Avenue, near the Excelsior High School.

On the popular web page www.jamaicanmateyangroupie.com, where the pictures of the woman’s body can be seen, some persons expressed their anger and shock over the incident. “Which despicable creature would do something like this!” a viewer of the page wrote.

Another viewer asked, “How can the Government encourage me to come back to Jamaica?”

It is understood that Rainford and her babyfather were no longer in a relationship and he has not been seen since the incident. The suspect is the father of four of Rainford’s six children.


  1. The Star giving more advertisment but is only Jmg name spellout. I’m Happy to see Babsey Grange speakout against the crime I was hoping Portia would have addressed and denouced the crime publicly being she is also a woman and our leader.I can’t wait till they catch the beast just pour some gasoline on him and let the frigga burn

    1. Yup…all the women in parliament should have stepped out too..It was vicious what was done to the woman but there were no provisions made to protect her from him..look at the 18 year old killed the other day??

      1. Yes they need to speakout more publicly..The people want to see you know whats going on they want to hear the plan you have to help them..The poor people need help! alot of vicious crimes happening the 17 month old baby shooting is ridiculous and what frame of mind these people in now to take up themselves to go to neighboring community to exact revenge on 2month old baby(What frame of mind these people in? Speakup loud and clear these Crimes will not be tolerated! Alot has to do with there is no help for the people.

        Remember the story last year of the Mother that took herself to the police station to report how she felt sick like she wanted to harm the child and begged them to take him only to be sent home and she killed the child..There is no help for the people nowhere to turn!

      1. met dem tink wi dunce round ere!!!

        dem did tink jmg was gonna be a passing fade, so dem neva want gi u too much shine. true jmg is more of a mixup site, an a pure patois wi chat ova yah, dem tink it’s beneath them.

        but every newspaper, television station, magazine, uptowners, downtowners and tongue shall recognise di light, that is jmg!!!!


    1. Dem nuh come out and say nothin bout di little boys whey stab and burn di other little one all now..yet still portia flying all bout

    2. How yuh expect Portia fi talk out when she busy ah mek “relations” with other countries?? Di woman busy ah fly round di world!


    3. u figet seh portia no watch news???

      so unless u watch di news an si di pain weh ppl a go through, u can neva be in touch with the fellings of the ppl which would cause u to act.

      further more, dat gal hardly deh pon earth fi know what taking place down here, she always up inna di air.

      1. I have never seen one leader of a country nuh come out fi di people dem . Whey day she talk how country call her and dis …she has ministers and deputy prime minister fi dat! And if dem cannot do the job she need fi mek dem resign. Is not like she a go solve the crime when she come talk but Jamaican people desensitized to bloodshed..di only way fi mek dem turn roun is if she PRETEND……..LIKE SHE A HUMAN

        1. met why u tink mi always refer to har as dutty portia? i don’t like a bone inna dat oman body an it has nothing to do wid politics cuz mi no like none a di political parties in j.a. di whole a dem wutliss and irrelevant.

          but portia juss come off as a cold heartless puta, an from she did mek legalizing battyman di driving force fi har winning di election, mi realise she is a sell out

          1. Mi grandmother always mock har from mi a baby now that mi older mi si why . She nuh have no classsssssss that is what mi cyah tek..Ok beyond that now she is a woman…what is the difference wid fi har leadership? Jamaica is small so things like this all this she must come out and condemn immediately fi at least mek people si se she as the head of the country care what happens to its citizens and that these acts will not be tolerated..The anti-gang bill pass but what happen to those government ministers of both parties who have openly supported these gangs?

  2. Met do anyone knows how to get in touch with the family I think she have a sister name Paula. I would like to offer some help, boy o boy six mother-less kids sad times a yard.

  3. Met, yu nuh see say dat bad mind a kill dem. Mek de STAR go sue demself !!! Don”t mek dem bother yu tranquility. You a de realest, and de straighest, caw a you mek wi know everyting wah a gwaan – locally and internationally, and who don”t like dat can go back inna dem Muma condemned womb. Look how you a get a fight fe telling/showing de truth? Mi like when you shoot up certain nastiness wid bullet because you don”t support certain tings around here. Don”t stop talk de tings dem !!! Some people nuh happy fe adda people success. God say yu bless, so some bombo- ole can”t say you curse !!! Mi like how you stand up like Daniel inna de lion”s den, and defend yu own. So, you just continue doing what you are doing, which is a damn good job of keeping us aware of everything.


  5. Headless woman an dem name JMG in full, but other stories weh dem cum run wid dem put “a popular website” style dem a try style JMG like dem a seh MET put up pics of di headless woman…..unoo naah see di phsycs behind dem publishing….

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