0 thoughts on “MONIFA’S **PSA**

  1. this truly spoken by someone who has grown in spirit and maturity.

    i applaud you monifa and hope this type of maturity has spread to other areas of your life.

  2. But after all these years, I think we should know the real reason why this fight took place between 2 friends. Shevonn gave her side of the story, dont you think you owe us that Miss Monifah?, I mean it was a very public fight from dance video, to internet to TV it is public records so you really dont have no control of how many times this fight is viewed or brought up. But can you stop the further speculation and tell us your truth, please and thanks in advance. I know it is painful for you, maybe because there was no closure, did you and Shevonne ever talk this out, did you apologize? So how can you move on and grow from this, if you choose to act like it never happened?

  3. LOL Dancehall files mermaid put up the fight video on her page 2 nights ago highlighting that of all the fights going on that was a classic. I think thats the reason monifah put out that PSA mermaid you are such a fake & a hypocrite very very sneaking

    1. I seen that too mermaid a fool, before she find something constructive to do she deh pon FB a post bout old fights. Why she post bout di prison fights weh she did have when she was serving her time for being a drug mule. She come home and deh pon da same f**kery weh she did deh pon before, bere mix up dutty dancehall gal. she nuh learn no lesson, before she come home and humble herself, she run go keep flop dance. when she gonna realize the dancehall people don’t like her but she push up herself an a gi interview inna dance like as if that is her job. Take care of your kids that are scattered all over the place and get off FB and outta a people business.

  4. I assumed she was in jail why she never commented why it was on TruTV. However she is right 6 years and people still bringing it up. She won the fight from the video and if she tired of seeing it Im sure the girl that lost Shevonne is tired as well and wants to move on!

  5. Ah di sameeee ting mi did ah seh bout di one mermaid. And she eva ah class ppl bout she nuh haffi do certain shit like odda ppl etc….and i’m like nuh di same drug mule weh get ketch an guh jail o_O

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