All when him a f**k a bag a Gyal everybody know who dah bwoy yah truly want and a mad ova, Mi no know a what Mell do to him a swear but him love har baddd so all unuh likkle termites a push up unu self unu tan deh deh wait till the Gyal come back a jamaica


14 thoughts on “A BETTER UNO GO TEK A QUARTZ

  1. Mel ya young gyal, wah seh ya wife post up di man pon yuh social media and not PINKWALL.. Ya di only termite likklerolex coulda deh wid, next!

  2. It stink a ja seh a melody alone likklerolexx want very stink them gyal deh chat rubbish waste gyal … hear seh him a scamma and him a f**k a bag a gyal a ja cause him cocky good but when mel come back them affi wul dem lane .. unu gweh the gyal have the affi come back

  3. Wtf listen unuh stop call up mi and me man name so what if him waa f**k a bag a Gyal him cocky good but when mi come home a just me upfront unuh Lowe we unuh sad like
    Yow Rolexx dweet yaa babes

    1. lawd man yuh cuden mek it reach atleast 15ish comment before yuh run in, cuz really nuh av far aguh enuh

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