A JetBlue flight attendant accused of trying to sneak a suitcase full of cocaine through Los Angeles International Airport has pleaded not guilty to a federal charge.

City News Service says Marsha Gay Reynolds entered the plea Friday to possessing cocaine with intent to distribute.

Authorities say during a random security screening at LAX in March, the former Jamaican beauty queen left her carry-on luggage, kicked off her Gucci high-heels and bolted down an upward-moving escalator.

Authorities said they found about 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage.


Reynolds, who lives in Queens, later surrendered in New York.
If convicted, she faces 10 years in prison.

Reynolds is a graduate of New York University and is studying to be a nurse at Mercy College while working for JetBlue, the New York

Daily News reported. She has been suspended from her job.

At her bail hearing last month, former New York City Councilman Allan Jennings described her as “a very good young woman”.

“She’s done all the right things in life except for this one situation,” he said. “She may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags.”



  1. 0ne of Marsha man dem say she wasn’t supposed to fly out wid the suitcase – only get dem through security check and then hand dem over to the person who a guh actually deal wid it then collect har pay and move on to the next… It was har man connection own.She knew what it was and annuh the first time, but someone was supposed to tek inna the airport..that’s why it didn’t even have her name and they didn’t know who she was, so she even worked her flight later that day. She always carry money.

  2. sue you in the know,she did make a call when asked for the secondary check she made a call and mrs man say bolt. so did just that so she really never know a coco she taught it was mulla

  3. Oh Lord, I’m so sorry for her, the Feds go extra hard on you when you bring them to trial, sometime it don’t even make sense you fight, just take a plea and done, they’re gonna dig up everything, tell how many times you change your drawers lol. The 10 years look nuff now Marsha, but not compared to 25 to life if you lose at ur trial…sigh, another talented one now a property of the US

  4. The feds and the judiciary are not stupid, they try these cases all the time and individuals need to know that in the US, the claim of ignorance does not absolve individuals of culpability.

  5. Marsha I’m sorry for you my love. But that man from 90s don’t care about you so just as cheap you hand him over cause nothing much is happening for him any way. Imagine after all you did for him this is the thanks. You were faithful more then the eight Baby Mothers and friends you did live in Kings county Hospital you and your mother she was a pray warier by his side. Marsha him done have eight kids you have none girl give him up and move on.

  6. Ignorance has never been a defense. Her only hope is to throw as many people under the bus and take a plea deal. 10 years is the minimum, not maximum for the charge.
    When did 10 years become maximum for drug trafficking 70 kilos of cocaine. If that were the case, people won’t think twice to carry that kinda weight. I’ve seen people get 27 years for cocaine so lose that 10 year is maximum theory.

    Whether she knew it was coke or money makes no difference. Flight attendants don’t even make $20 HR so her pay can’t buy Gucci shoes. The councilman needs to stop putting he credibility on the line. That’s if him did have none to begin with.

  7. Before she cut a damn deal wid de DA she really a guh in pon a not guilty defense ?!?!?!

    she wine end up just like Marsha

  8. Marsha will get more than 10 that’s a fact. SHE WILL BE AN EXAMPLE TO ALL AIRPORTS STAFF MEMBERS. Marsha will blow Trial the Buddy pass alone is a dead give away

  9. How can u graduate from NYU? Then go to MERCY college for NURSING? Does Mercy have a nursing program now?

    1. She could have been working on her second bachelors degree at Mercy. Maybe she realized that which ever degree she graduated with from the prestigious NYU was not worth it and she could make more money as a Nurse. I wonder if she was in this game to pay off her college loans? I feel really bad for her but such is life.

  10. MARSHA PLEE NOT GUILTY to tango with the DA….the case a go get drawn out. she will sing and sing …the case a go get drawn out for about 3 years then them a go clean up KEVIN and him crew one by one …then she will get 4 years sentence with 3 years served and a lot of probation …bigger fish to catch …they look at her as a mule not the brain……watch…..oh me graduate from Hunters and mi still a pick pocket a day time on the 6 train. so where she graduate from has nothing to do with it….

  11. If it was me the politician would have said I’m guilty, but because Marsha is little and cute and can take BIG hood she’s innocent. The magnum xxxL belongs to the politician

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